LeBron James
One NBA Insider threw out a crazy idea about LeBron James (Orlando Ramirez/USA TODAY Sports)

Does Magic Johnson already have buyers remorse on LeBron James? Maybe, maybe not. What is clear is the Lakers are a mess right now. Klutch Sports is leaking information to pressure the Pelicans into making a deal and requesting an Anthony Davis trade. The Lakers are leaking trade offers to the media to convince LeBron James that they are trying everything they can to land Davis. Either way, there is an internal struggle going on with the Lakers and LeBron James’ camp.

NBA reporter, Peter Vecsey made an appearance on WEEI Late Night” saying that he wouldn’t be surprised if the Lakers traded LeBron James:

“He might’ve taken on the wrong person this time in trying to subvert what (Lakers president of basketball operations) Magic (Johnson) was doing and trying to run the franchise himself, he and his agent (Rich Paul),” Vecsey said, per WEEI.com. “So that was the column today, about Magic Johnson and (owner) Jeanie Buss saying, ‘What the hell is going on here, man? We can’t let this guy’ … I suggested that the Lakers should try to trade LeBron. I would not be shocked if it happened.”

I have to be honest, I have no idea who Peter Vecsey is. I’m not familiar with any of his work. He could be a total scumbag. I have no idea. What I do know is this is hilarious. Some of the LA media is already trying to rid themselves of LeBron James.

“He’s doing everything wrong,” Vecsey said of James during Wednesday night’s radio interview, per WEEI.com. “He was supposed to take these guys under his wing; instead he threw them under buses, planes and trains. Clear the roster. He’s got no respect for anybody.

“Davis is a good player. There’s no question he’s an All-Star, but what has he done? He hasn’t been good enough to take anybody anywhere worthwhile. He’s only gotten them to the second round once and the playoffs twice.”

So, what’s the new master plan?

“If I’m the Lakers, I try to trade LeBron for a couple of key pieces, keep all those young guys, and move forward,” Vecsey said.

Nobody should be surprised. This is what you get when you make a deal with the devil. Would the Lakers be better off moving off of LeBron James? Probably, LA isn’t winning a title during this LeBron tenure anyway.