De'Aaron Fox
De’Aaron Fox prefers to play in a small market. Does this mean that Fox is more likely to stay with the Kings in Sacramento? (Cary Edmondson/USA TODAY Sports)

The modern NBA superstar has shown that they are willing to take less money to play in a larger market. Los Angeles, Golden State, Brooklyn, Boston, and Miami have dominated the free agent market in recent years. De’Aaron Fox is the one rare superstar that doesn’t give a rip about playing in a bigger market. In fact, he prefers more a laid back lifestyle which is more suitable for a smaller market. Fox is perfectly happy in Sacramento.

Corban Gable of One 37 PM recently spoke with the Kings point guard. This is what Fox had to say:

“I don’t crave to be in a big market,” he says. “After last season, there was a buzz in Sacramento. Everyone in Sacramento is a Kings fan. If we start making the playoffs, or if we become a championship contender, the entire city is going to go nuts. That’s the difference between a big market and a small one.”

Every Kings fan across the country should throw a party. This is huge news. Obviously, Fox can change his mind. Still, it sounds like he prefers to play in Sacramento rather than Los Angeles. It fits his personality better. This is a huge win for the Kings. Drafting well is only half the battle. Convincing them to stick around might be more important. It looks like the Kings can at least breath a sigh of relief.

I think people are sleeping on the Kings. Marvin Bagley took huge steps forward as a rookie. Buddy Hield has turned into one of the most dangerous shooters in the NBA. Hield is a bonafide star. That could be a dangerous big 3 to build around. Not saying the Kings can do it but those are nice building blocks to piece around. This team might be able to make the playoffs.

Fox took a huge leap as a rookie going into his 2nd year. In 2018 as a 2nd year player, Fox averaged 17.3 points per game on 46 percent shooting. He also averaged 7.3 assists per game and might just be the fastest player in the NBA. Sacramento led the NBA in pace.