Dave Portnoy
(Barstool Sports)

Barstool Sports President Dave Portnoy is entering the TikTok crowd as he is starting a new Podcast called “BFFs” with 18-year-old TikToker Josh Richards acting as Portnoy’s co-host. Portnoy said the following in an article posted to Barstool Sports:

As everyone knows by now I’m doing a podcast called BFFs with Josh Richards. The TikTok crowd is a new audience for us. They may love me, they may hate me. Should be an interesting ride. 

On the Podcast, Dave Portnoy talks about his experience going to the Sway house for the first time. Portnoy said this:

I was at the Sway house, for those that don’t know, and I thought it was like a Zoolander Skit in the beginning because I’m like, “What do you guys fucking do? “They all got their shirts off they’re all in great shape. It’s like a very boy band vibe. It’s like ‘oh we wake up, we workout and we eat protein shakes.” I’m like “No really, what do you do?” It’s like “That’s what we fucking do”

Josh Richards had this to say about the Sway house:

Sway boys we try to show our personality. Yeah I mean like we’re douchebags

The duo also talked about how TikTok is making teenagers like Richards money. When asked “Are you rich?” by Portnoy, Josh Richards said this:

Uhhh I’m doing pretty good, yeah. I mean I wouldn’t say I have “Fuck you money.” Cause I think “fuck you money” is like your talking, a hundred million dollars plus. No I’m not a hundred million.

The duo covered other topics such as girls sliding into Josh Richards’ DMs. Barstool Sports is no stranger to trying new things and working to grow their brand. BFFs will be a weekly podcast as Barstool enters the unfamiliar territory.

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