Dave Gettleman
OK, Boomer… Featuring Dave Gettleman (Noah K. Murray/USA TODAY Sports)

Don’t ask me why Old man Dave Gettleman is still employed by the New York Giants. There is no explanation. Gettleman has been the Giants general manager since 2018. Since that time, New York is 9-23 in that span. Somehow the roster continues to look worse the longer he’s in charge. Gettleman hasn’t done anything right.

He reached for Daniel Jones, signed Odell Beckham to an extension then traded him for 40 cents on the dollar, hired Pat Shurmur only to fire him not too long after. Gettleman gotta go.

This next thing I’m about to show you is classic Gettleman. Welcome to OK, Boomer. Featuring Dave Gettleman:

“Computer folks” C’mon, Dave. That’s not serious, right? You gotta keep up with the kids. It’s the only way to stay ahead of the game. I’m an old soul. I listen to Heavy Metal rock music. I’m not a normal millennial either. Still, you gotta keep up with the kids. It’s the only way to survive. When you say ninja, it no longer refers to the turtles. It’s about some goofy gamer that plays Fortnite. I know, it sucks. Still have to roll with the times.

I’m not saying Gettleman sucks at his job (even though I am saying he sucks at his job) because he’s a boomer but when you are calling people “computer folks” you probably shouldn’t be the general manager of a billion-dollar business. Gettleman could have said anything. Software experts, video scouts, Nerds, IT Squad, Geek Squad, literally anything. Nope, Gettleman went with “computer folks”. Ok, Boomer. As long as Dave Gettleman is running the New York Giants, they will continue to stink.

My favorite 2019 move of Gettleman was trading a 2020 third round pick (68th overall) and 2021 5th round pick for Leonard Williams. The funniest part is that Williams is an unrestricted free agent now and the Giants gave up draft capital while not being anywhere in the playoff race. Williams finished the season with a half a sack.