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The Tennessee Titans played the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. Upon returning home and getting ready for practice, three players and five non-players tested positive. The Titans are working to confirm those tests. The Titans issued a statement Tuesday morning.

Out of the abundance of caution, the organization has decided to work remotely today as we follow NFL protocols related to the COVID-19 virus… Several tests have come back positive and are working through the process of confirming them.

Tennessee Titans

Titans in Trouble

As it stands currently no decision has been made about the Titans game against the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday. Tennessee was already without linebackers coach Shane Bowen and offensive tackle Isaiah Wilson due to COVID protocols. However, this now brings about the issue the NFL would have to face an outbreak of COVID. Football isn’t a game like baseball or basketball where you can throw a team in isolation, and make the games up later. The NFL has its work cut out for them now. If one game is suspended you’ll have to suspend the Vikings game as well. As you can only play once a week.

NFL Has To Act Fast

The Vikings have yet to test positive as those tests take place today. Their facility was shut down on the side of caution. The NFL cannot have what the MLB dealt with in early August when they had multiple teams testing positive. That almost resulted in the season prematurely ending. The shield has too much at stake to lose the season. The Titans and Vikings are working closely with the NFL and NFLPA to sort this situation out.

The next steps are going to be critical if the NFL wants to continue the season. First, they will have to determine which players and personal have it and which don’t. Second, they’ll have to decide if the Titans and Vikings should be allowed to play this weekend. Suppose they choose to postpone these games that now leaves four teams in limbo. The coming days are going to be very telling if the league is prepared to navigate this.