Dave Dombrowski
Dave Dombrowski continues to lie about the Red Sox bullpen (AP Photo/Bill Sikes)

I truly don’t know what’s wrong with Dave Dombrowski. It’s almost like he lost his mind right after the World Series. Maybe he got hooked up drugs during the parade. I truly do not know what happened. Normally you get a free pass the next season. The problem is Dombrowski has been so bad and delusional that it would be crazy not to fire him.

The latest quote is something that truly is unfathomable. Despite having the worst save percentage in baseball, Dombowski says the bullpen has been fine and isn’t an issue:

“I have gone through the blown saves, and I know we’ve had a number of them, but really it hasn’t cost us as many games as what you would think throughout the year. Our bullpen has basically has been fine,” Dombrowski said.

What an idiot. If you have been following my Youtube series, then you can see first hand. I’ve been more right about the Boston Red Sox than anybody else. This bullpen has always been an issue. It killed all the momentum they had this year. The second this team didn’t make a trade at the deadline, the players quit. Boston dropped 9 straight after the deadline where they didn’t make a trade.

It’s time for Dombrowski to retire. The lack of attention towards the bullpen can be described as nothing except ignorant. The trade for Andrew Cashner was always a horrendous idea. Cashner has the lowest strikeout rate in baseball. That was never going to work in Fenway. Now Zack Wheeler… that was the move. Unfortunately, I don’t have the right last name or a Harvard degree or else I would be running circles around other gm’s. Maybe one day I’ll get that shot.