Mike Evans
The Buccaneers haven’t made the playoffs in 12 years. Mike Evans believes 2019 is the year that streak gets broken. (Melina Vastola/USA TODAY Sports)

It’s been 12 years since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made the playoffs. That number is in danger of becoming 13. New Orleans looks like the big favorite. Carolina is hit or miss. They could easily be a playoff team. Atlanta could return to form if the defense can play subpar. Tampa Bay has a big hill to climb. Mike Evans is confident.

Despite the team losing at least 10 games in 4 of 5 years as a pro, Evans likes his chances this year:

“It will be a major disappointment if we don’t make it this year, like it has been every year, but especially this year,” Evans said, via the Tampa Bay Times. “I feel like we’re loaded on both sides of the ball and we have a really good rapport overall. Everybody has been playing well. Everybody has been having a really good training camp. I mean, if we don’t do it this year, it’s going to be tough to do it all the other years. I know we’re in a tough division, but we’ve got the guys to do that.”

Talent is not the issue in Tampa. This is a very good team. Can Bruce Arians fix Jameis Winston? That’s the biggest concern. If Jabo hits, the Bucs have a real chance. Will it happen? That remains to be seen. Maybe they are a year away. Nevertheless, we are going to find out if Winston is the future.