DeAndre Hopkins
DeAndre Hopkins believes he’s the best receiver in football. His reasoning makes a lot of sense too. (Steven Ryan/Getty Images)

A lof of players believe they are the best player at their position. It’s no surprise that DeAndre Hopkins feels that same way. Hopkins’ on field production is one thing. However, Hopkins may have another reason that some people are forgetting about. Hopkins claims that no other receiver would have put up his kind of numbers playing in his situation with the Houston Texans.

“No argument at all, man,” Hopkins said via Mad Dog Sports Radio on SiriusXM. “I think some will try to debate it, but no receiver, I think, could put up the numbers I have with the situation I’ve been in. So for me it’s no debate.”

Hopkins has a real argument here. Prior to Deshaun Watson, he had Brandon Weedon, TJ Yates, Tom Savage, Brian Hoyer, Brock Osweiler, and Matt Schaub is not a great list. Hopkins has dealt with a lot of shit quarterbacks. The only other guy who can have that same argument is Larry Fitzgerald. Talk about a lot of bad quarterbacks that came through Arizona. It can’t get much worse in reality.

Let’s also talk about the number of double teams Hopkins gets. When Will Fuller went down, Hopkins saw doubles on every snap. That’s a lot for one guy to deal with. Hopkins might just be the most underappreciated receiver in football. Hopkins also didn’t mention that he has the worst offensive line in football. That reduces the number of quality targets he gets too.

Hopkins, 26, snatched 115 receptions, 1,572 yards, and 11 touchdowns in 2018. His production should be on the rise as Deshaun Watson continues to improve. The year before Watson was drafted, Hopkins recorded 954 yards and 4 touchdowns.