Dave Dombrowski
The Red Sox waved the white flag today after failing to make a trade. Dave Dombrowski needs to retire after a horrendous year of decisions or lack thereof. #dirtywater (Rich Gagnon/Getty Images)

The Boston Red Sox waved the white flag today. The 2019 MLB Trade Deadline came and went. The Red Sox didn’t make a single trade. Scratch that. They got Andrew Cashner a couple of weeks ago! The defending World Series champs have a major hole in the bullpen going with the embarrassing closer by committee model. Boston ranks last in the league in save percentage at just over 55 percent. It’s the entire difference in the standings. For a team that’s ready to repeat as champs, instead of fixing it, Dave Dombrowski sat on his ass and did nothing. It’s time for Dombrowski to call it quits. He needs to retire.

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Am I being harsh? Absolutely not. Since the Red Sox have won the World Series, nothing that Dombrowski has done has made any sense. ZERO. Not one iota. Steve Pearce was re-signed. I was fine with it, except for the fact that it was a severe overpay. Nobody else was giving him $6 million. Eduardo Nunez picked up his player option for $5 million. The second he did, they should have tried to move him because of the luxury tax issues. The only move that was defensible was keeping Nathan Eovaldi. I was on record for that. After the postseason he had, you had to keep him. I’m good with that. The egregious decision was letting Craig Kimbrel and Joe Kelly walk out the door. Not because he didn’t keep him, but because Dombrowski didn’t even try to replace them. Zero creativity. Zero attempts trying to win.

When asked about the lack of activity at the deadline, this is what Dombrowski had to say:

This is where Dombrowski doesn’t fathom his mistakes. Buddy, we know the team has to play better. Rick Porcello is dog shit. Chris Sale hasn’t been Chris Sale. We know this. We aren’t asking you to move the moon and the stars for a big piece. This team already has big dogs. Rafael Devers, Xander Bogaerts, Mookie Betts, JD Martinez, etc. This team has scored the most runs in baseball, yet fall short of a wildcard spot by two games. WHY? Because of your ignorance with this shit show of a bullpen. It’s unacceptable. I can’t remember a time where a real contender went with a closer by committee and was considered a real contender. It’s never happened. Dombrowski fails to acknowledge it.

The second the Red Sox didn’t make a trade that was their way of waving the white flag. The Twins landed Sam Dyson. Shit, I could have lived with that. At least they tried. I wasn’t asking for the moon and stars. Just get a reliable reliever who can close games out. Hell, make Brandon Workman the closer and snag an 8th inning guy. JUST DO SOMETHING! Dombrowski did nothing and didn’t attempt to improve the club. The only external additions on the entire season were Colten Brewer and Andrew Cashner. For a team in win now mode, that’s unacceptable. Dombrowski should be ashamed of himself. It’s clear he either needs to retire or just is doing this out of ignorance. There is nothing in between.