2020 NFL Draft
It’s time for another 2020 NFL Draft mailbag. No questions this week but we go over some potential sleepers for the draft.

The NFL offseason will have to get us through Corona because nothing else is going on. That means deep dives on the 2020 NFL Draft which is what this mailbag is designed to do. No questions this week but that’s understandable with everything going on. I’ll just dive into my rant. Here’s Daubert’s 2020 NFL Draft mailbag 5.0.

I’ll focus on sleepers here. I’ve already discussed Cam Akers at length. If you haven’t read it yet, you can do so here. So I’ll be talking about other possible sleepers for the draft. Let’s go over some quick hitters. No particular order, just some of the ones off the top of my head.

Antonie Winfield stands out. He wrecked the combine and is coming off a 7 interception 2019. NFL bloodlines too. Seems to be flying under the radar. If he’s the best safety in the draft, I wouldn’t be shocked.

Malik Harrison is another one. Do it all linebacker who can drop back in coverage with ease. Everybody wants someone like Eric Kendricks. I’m not sure Harrison is that good but he’s impressive. During the Senior Bowl, Harrison really stood out with his coverage ability. Tough to find those guys and nobody is paying Harrison any attention.

Netane Muti is a tank. 44 bench reps and pile drives people. I can’t say I watched much Fresno State but his highlight reel is funny. There’s a medical flag since he missed so many games but he could be a serious steal.

AJ Dillon could end up being a more athletic version of LeGarrette Blount. His testing numbers were significantly better than I thought given his size (6-foot, 250). Dillon isn’t just a big back, he’s a big back that can move. Maybe I’m even too low. If you want to find the next Derrick Henry, Dillon is about as close as it gets in terms of size, weight, and speed.