Dan Le Batard and John Skipper
(ESPN screengrab)

Dan Le Batard is Starting A Progressive Sports Network.

Dan Le Batard and John Skipper are starting a progressive-leaning sports media company. Le Batard was recently let go by ESPN and has been in talks with Skipper about starting their own media company. They will be direct competitors with Clay Travis’ Outkick. I never imagined that we’d have sports media companies specifically leaning left or right. However, here we are.

Le Batard and John Skipper Want to Go It Alone.

Le Batard and ESPN haven’t been seeing eye to eye in recent years. Due to the fact, ESPN has wanted to focus on sports and tone it down on the political angles. However, Le Batard was adamant about being himself and saying what he believed. Can’t knock the guy for that.

ESPN has been going down the drain, basically. They just laid off a ton of people due to losses from COVID. It’s the golden age of sports media as people are starting to get tired of only having ESPN to look at. However, Skipper is starting to recruit former ESPN employees; Jemele Hill, Bomani Jones, and Kate Fagan.

We’re trying to figure out the most productive way to work together, Both John and Dan know I have such a deep level of respect for them. So me working with them again always felt like it was inevitable.

Jemele Hill via Front Office Sports’ Michael McCarthy

Dan Wants to Go Toe to Toe With Clay Travis and Outkick.

The audience for this kind of media company is out there, especially in today’s political climate. However, Clay Travis welcomes the idea of a competitor to Outkick.

I take it as a badge of honor that Outkick is now being used as a template of a sports media company, said Travis, even if they’re going in a different direction.

Clay Travis

It’s interesting to have these kinds of media outlets in today’s industry. However, Vendetta Sports’ stock is rising, and if there is any company I’d think is going to make it’s us.