2019 Fantasy Football
Who are the 2019 fantasy football must have players? Whatever you do, draft Dalvin Cook. He’s a league winner. (Jeff Wheeler/ Star Tribune)

Every year in fantasy football, there are league winners. These are the picks that win your league. Last year, that guy was Patrick Mahomes or pretty much any Chief really. My point is that certain players can win your league by themselves. Introducing the must have list. I don’t care what you have to do to draft these players. All I know is you should love them and treat them with care. Who are the top 2019 Fantasy Football must have players?

Carson Wentz

If I had to pick a player to win the MVP award this year, I would pick Carson Wentz. The former North Dakota State product should have won the MVP in 2017 if he didn’t get hurt. I’m going to bet he doesn’t get hurt for a third straight years. Seems like a great bet to take. Wentz is set up to succeed. Great offensive line, great play caller with Doug Pederson, plethora of weapons, stable set of running backs, and a chip on the shoulder. Yes, he’s been hearing for two years how crazy fans wanted Foles instead. I’ll be shocked if we see anything less than 40 touchdowns.

Dalvin Cook

Dalvin Cook has been hurt two years in a row. The rookie season ended in a torn ACL. His second season, Cook missed games recovering from the initial knee injury. Now he’s back to 100 percent and ready to kill. From a talent perspective, Cook might legit be the best running back in football. The man is electric. Cook has averaged 4.7 yards per carry behind what is considered a putrid offensive line.

Now Cook has a better offensive line and Gary Kubiak. The Vikings want to run the ball more this year and take pressure off Kirk Cousins’ shoulders. Cook is also the workhorse back. Nobody is taking Alexander Mattison seriously. Kubiak helped turned Steve Slaton and Arian Foster into house hold names. What do you think he can do with a guy who is 1,000x more talented than them?

Robby Anderson

The Jets are going to be better. They still have holes but New York will be competitive this year. Sam Darnold will take a big step forward. Remember, he was the youngest starting quarterback ever. These things take time. Anderson ended last season on fire as Darnold became more comfortable. You want receivers who get volume and potential for big plays. Anderson has speed and is the number one target on a much better offense. What’s not to like?

George Kittle

George Kittle was a monster last season. That was with Nick Mullens and CJ Beathard. Imagine what he could do with Jimmy Garoppolo? It only makes sense that his production would increase. Pass catchers always benefit from a better quarterback. Okay, now imagine an increase on 1,377 yards and 5 touchdowns. Yeah, just draft Kittle and thank me later.