Dak Prescott
(Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Instant Regret

The Dallas Cowboys made one of the more boneheaded moves of the 2021 NFL season, and I don’t think the season has officially started yet. The Cowboys gave Dak Prescott the bag in a deal that, with incentives, puts Prescott in the range of over $160 million over the next four years. While many are celebrating this deal, the fact of the matter is that it is a stupid deal the Cowboys will regret.

Doing Less With More

Since bursting into the league in 2013, what exactly has Prescott accomplished? The Cowboys went 13-3 his first season and have gone downhill since. They missed the playoffs that next season and the season after that won the division while going 10-6. The Cowboys again miss the playoffs that next year and weren’t looking that great even before Prescott went down with his injury.

Go look at the Cowboys roster and tell me it’s not loaded. You can make an argument that they have the top three receivers of the entire NFC East on their roster. Dak has Ezekiel Elliott as his workhorse running back. While the O-Line may not be the best in football anymore, it’s still ONE of the best. The defense was hurt last season, but all they have to do is hit in the draft and fill in the holes in their secondary and the Cowboys have a top 5 defense.

What I don’t get is why Dak gets so much praise when he wins with this roster. He doesn’t even really win with it outside of his rookie season. He has all the weapons any quarterback could ask for, yet can barely produce a winning record. Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson are examples of quarterbacks demanded to do more with less. Tom Brady was winning Super Bowls with no-names.

Expectations For Dak Prescott Are Through The Roof

As you can probably tell, I am against signing Dak Prescott to this big of a deal. I said in a roundtable discussion almost a year ago that I wasn’t willing to pay Dak big money, yet the Cowboys did. Prescott got his wish and is second only to Patrick Mahomes in money. But from here on out I do not want to see complaining from Cowboys fans. When Cooper, Lamb, or Gallup leave because of contract issues, or when the defense starts giving up 30 points a game, I don’t wanna hear it. I can see it already, Skip Bayless and Will Cain (both Cowboys fans) crying “HE HAS NO HELP! HOW IS HE SUPPOSE TO WIN?!” and I’ll be here laughing. The people crucifying Wilson for wanting help but asking for the most money will remain silent on Prescott.

All this move does is shorten the window the Cowboys have to win a Super Bowl. Such a window is now maybe this year and the next. After that, the bill will come due for your top players. The Cowboys will absolutely regret giving Dak Prescott such a huge contract. I’ll never fault anyone for getting paid, so I’m not criticizing Prescott for that. I just don’t think he deserves it.