Dak Prescott
Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Dak lovers and Cowboys fans look away, this is going to be ugly. Before I get started, let me be clear: Dak Prescott is a good QB and has done great things. However, Cowboys fans also like to overvalue how good their players are actually are. Dak Prescott is one of those players. Dak doesn’t deserve 35 million for being average, he is overvaluing himself if he thinks that he even deserves that.

Dak Prescott Stats

I will give Dak some credit here, he gets really good stats. He just doesn’t win enough for more liking. He had almost 5,000 yards passing and 30 TDs last season, impressive to say the least. But the Cowboys only had 8 wins. Meanwhile, in his other 3 seasons, he’s always had under 4,000 years and 25 TDs passing. Yet, he had a better record those 3 seasons than he did in 2019. The Cowboys were 13-3 his rookie year, 9-7 the next year- 10-6 the year after that, but 8-8 last year. Obviously, if he is playing better and the Cowboys were worse, Dak has nothing to do with it. But since his stats were worse in his other 3 seasons and they did better, that means that Dak is not the reason for those wins either.

The Excuses

The first and most used one is Jason Garrett. This one is played out. Obviously Jason Garrett wasn’t the worst coach if Dak doesn’t have the stats to wow anyone in his first 3 seasons and they still had 13, 9, and 10 wins respectively. Then, he didn’t have the WRs. That’s fair. When Amari Cooper showed up, that is when Dak was better. He was mediocre before him, yet the Cowboys were still okay. However, there are so many reasons why Dak should be better than he is. First and foremost, Ezekiel Elliott is in the backfield. Last time I checked, he is top 5 RB in the NFL. This also doesn’t credit his O-Line too, which is also at least the top 5 in the NFL as well. That has also been the case since 2016, Dak’s rookie year. The notion that Dak Prescott is better than he is is just moronic.

In the playoffs, which only include the 13-3 and 10-6 record years. He is 1-2 in the playoffs. With such a talented roster, I can’t necessarily think Dak can be that good if he can’t win with a talented roster. This is a guy who is asking for 35 million a year. More than all NFL QBs. Yes, more than Patrick Mahomes, yes, more than Deshaun Watson. Both are more elite than Dak. He has done nothing to show he is worth this type of money. 1 playoff win with such a talented roster? Yeah, okay man. As far as I know, he has a bunch of empty stats and can’t win unless all the terms and everything lines up for him. He’s not a bad QB, he’s just not a great one. Dak Prescott especially doesn’t deserve 35 million or anything near that amount. If you don’t like it, sorry, but this is the truth.