Dak Prescott Carson Wentz
RIP the Dak Prescott vs Carson Wentz debate. (Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

If you ever thought for a second that Dak Prescott was better than Carson Wentz, please go exile yourself. RIP the Dak Vs Wentz debate. It cannot be argued anymore. Carson Wentz is was and has always been better than Dak Prescott. Philadelphia’s win over Dallas Sunday has forever closed the book on this argument.

Philadelphia will never be this bad again. Zach Ertz got hurt. DeSean Jackson, Nelson Agholor, and Alshon Jeffery were already hurt. JJ Arcega-Whiteside can’t play a lick and he got hurt. The Eagles were rolling with Boston Scott and Greg Ward. Lane Johnson is banged up. Philadelphia doesn’t have a reliable corner or linebacker on the roster. The Eagles won this game for one reason. Carson Wentz is significantly better than Dak Prescott and outdueled him with a significantly worse team.

Dallas is loaded. This is the best offensive line in football. Dak doesn’t get sneezed on. Amari Cooper is fantastic. So is Zeke Elliott. Michael Gallup and or Randall Cobb would have been a one yesterday for Philly. The Eagles don’t have an edge rusher as good as DeMarcus Lawrence. Philly doesn’t have a linebacker even as talented as Sean Lee and he’s the third best one in Dallas. Philly wishes they had Byron Jones.

All Dallas had to do is feed Zeke and they win that game. Instead, he had 13 carries. That turned the game into a Dak vs. Wentz pissing contest. Despite having significantly worse pieces, Carson Wentz showed that he’s one of the 5 best quarterbacks on the planet. I’ve seen what Dak Prescott is. Dallas is an okay football team when they put the game in Dak’s hands.

Watch the games. One guy was Patrick Mahomes before Mahomes. 6-foot-5, athletic, and throws a laser. I went to the Monday Night game against the Giants, if you just took the name off the back of the jersey and just watched number 11 warm up, it’s impossible to not have your breath taken away. The other guy has some leadership qualities I like. Prescott has never been a natural thrower and looks like a poor man Deshaun Watson. One guy is winning with a guy named Boston Scott. What are we doing here? Of course, you would take the first guy.

Carson Wentz displayed everything that a franchise quarterback looks like. Chips stacked against you, go and get it done. Wentz is one of those guys. Philadelphia will dominate this division forever if they pay Dak Prescott. If the Cowboys can’t win with Dak making pennies, they can’t win if he’s making the big bucks.