Dak Prescott
The contract negotiations are at an impasse with Dak Prescott. Now we know why. Dak wants $45 million in the 5th year of a potential extension. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Report: Dak Prescott Pushing For $45 Million In 5th Year Of Contract Extension

I’ve had this stance for a while. This only cements it. If I’m Dallas, I let Dak Prescott walk. This next story only confirms it. Here’s what we know. Dallas has offered Dak a 5-year contract worth $175 million. That’s $35 per year which is Russell Wilson money. Dak wants a 4-year contract. That seems to be the impasse. IF Dak is forced to sign a 5-year deal, he wants the motherload in the final year of the deal.

Chris Simms of NBC Sports made an appearance on 105.3 The Fan’s “K & C Masterpiece” and said the following. For the record, I have no idea if Simms is reliable so I put “report” in the title:

“From what I know of the situation, and I know from some people who are in the know that he’s been offered five years, $175 million,” NFL QB-turned-analyst Chris Simms told 105.3 The Fan’s “K & C Masterpiece” on Tuesday. “He wants a four-year deal. If they do agree to a five-year deal they would like a really big number at the end of that fifth year to cover their butts for what the market might be at the position five years from now. And I’ve heard he’s asking for somewhere like north of $45 million in that fifth year.”

Dak Prescott is OUT OF HIS MIND. Hey, good for him for trying to be ridiculous. Dallas has no choice here. Let the man walk. You can’t pay him $45 million in the final year of that contract. $35 was already an outrageous number. Dak is a psycho. He’s not a top 10 quarterback in this league. Let him go, Dallas.