Stephen A Smith
Stephen A Smith doesn’t like Luka Doncic because he’s from Europe

The fact that Stephen A Smith has a job still boggles my mind. The fact that nobody at ESPN is capable of beating Stephen A in an argument shows how far the company has fallen. Every day is a new day in the brainless world of Stephen A Smith. Once again, Stephen A made a fool out of himself on First Take.

One topic today was about which NBA players would you pick to build a team around. Luka Doncic was 2nd on the list according to The Hoop Collective in terms of players you would want to start a franchise with. ESPN’s resident idiot had a wild take.

“The only reason he’s on that list is cause he’s from Europe”

Couldn’t make it up if I tried. Forget the take for a second. I don’t care if he deserves or doesn’t deserve to be on the list. His reason for why Stephen A believes he’s on the list is because “he’s from Europe”. That’s crazy. I hate to even go here but it has to be said. Let’s say Max Kellerman said “the only reason Deshaun Watson is on the list of top quarterbacks is because he’s black. He would be fired tomorrow and would deserve to be fired. The fact that this gets swept under the rug is outrageous. Don’t worry, it’s just Stephen A being Stephen A. NO! It has to stop.

For the record, yes his take is stupid. In terms of age and production, Luka belongs on a top 15 list of NBA assets to build around. Doncic, 20, averaged 21.2 points and 6 assists per game as a rookie. Imagine what’s coming heading into his Sophomore year? Doncic has proven he’s a budding star. But hey, he’s not good because he’s from Europe. What’s next? Christian McCaffrey stinks because he’s white?

It would be one thing if this was the first time this sort of thing happened. Not too long ago, Stephen A called Dwayne Haskins “more of a runner than a thrower” despite the fact that he couldn’t be more wrong. Also extremely racist to just assume a black quarterback is just a runner. He also had wild comments on Gordon Hayward too. It’s time to get this loud mouth out of there. Maybe ESPN will give me a chance to bury him. It should have been done a long time ago.