Coutinho Offers a Pay Cut
Former Liverpool player Philippe Coutinho wants to go back. Photo by Getty Images.

Barcelona FC has continued their fit to get rid of Philippe Coutinho for some time now. Coutinho was signed in 2018 and played one season with Barca. He is currently on loan to Bayern Munich but is set to go back to Camp Nou by the end of the summer. However, according to The Metro, Coutinho offered a pay cut to move back to Liverpool.

Barca had taken Coutinho from Liverpool for £105 million after he did so well there. But he didn’t do well with Barca. Coutinho has been doing good at Bayern Munich with eight goals and six assists this short season.

Coutinho reported talked with Jurgen Klopp about a possible return to the Reds. However, Barca is trying to sell Coutinho for £80 million. Liverpool couldn’t compete with the £53 million deal to get Timo Werner. But, Barca has offered to help with some wage costs to whoever buys him.

His current wage is £200,000 a week. But he wants to go back to Liverpool and is willing to sacrifice that.

The wage aspect is only one problem that Coutinho may run into. As stated previously, even with his offer to reduce a salary, it may not be enough for Liverpool. But Coutinho will also have to fight for his position on the Reds.

As a forward, Coutinho faces up against Mohammed Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino. Although he played with them, he will still have to fight for the right to be back on the field with them.