Philippe Coutinho has been a problem for Barcelona for a while. He is currently on loan to Bayern Munich. Barca has been trying to find a new home for Coutinho and is still struggling. They have offered to cover some of Coutinho’s wage expenses since they know teams are suffering from the economic impact of the pandemic.

Coutinho is currently making £200,000 a week in wages. Which is why Barca offered to help with the payments.

The Telegraph has also reported that Barca has sanctioned Coutinho’s departure either through a swap deal or transfer. He is still technically signed with Barca for another three years.

Barca originally got Coutinho for £105 million from Liverpool in January 2018. He had high promises but struggled to fit in at Camp Nou.

It’s reported that teams like Chelsea, Tottenham and Newcastle would be excited to have the 27-year-old back in Premier League. Chelsea is most likely out of the game for signing Coutinho since they just landed Timo Werner. However, Tottenham and Newcastle could still be in the running.

Coutinho has been able to provide nine goals and eight assists with Bayern Munich thus far. It is a possibility that Munich could take Barca’s offer to cover some of Coutinho’s wages and keep him permanently.

It’ll be interesting to see if Barca can finally sign Coutinho off like they’ve been wanting to do for a while now.