Wednesday EPL Predictions
Manchester City vs. Arsenal. Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/ Getty Images.

People are excited about the return of the English Premier League (EPL). On Wednesday it will officially be returning after many rounds of COVID testing and agreement to return. Here are my Wednesday EPL predictions.

Aston Villa vs. Sheffield United

This game may be a close one despite their large difference in standings. Sheffield is currently in seventh place while Aston Villa is in 19.

Within their last five games against each other, they have been close games. Sheffield has won two of the five and there were two draws. Most of the games have had a two or three-goal difference. Aston Villa’s win was a 1-0 game. While more of Sheffield’s wins were around three goals.

I think between the large difference in standings and the number of goals in each game that Sheffield will probably take the win. However, with the pandemic break, Aston Villa could pull through to win.

The game will take place at 1:00 p.m. EST.

Manchester City vs. Arsenal

This is the EPL game that people have been looking forward to. Man City will probably take the win.

Man City is currently in second for standings while Arsenal places in ninth. Within the last five games, Man City has taken all of the wins.

Surprisingly, Arsenal is so far down in the standings. There is hope that they have been putting in the work to recover from the time off. Also, the fact that they have lost quite a bit will maybe aid in their will to win. Keep in mind they are playing an away game.

But there is a chance the EPL will follow closely to Bundesliga. The idea of home advantage has dissipated with not having fans in the stadiums.

With having Man City at home and doing well this season, they should pull off the win.

The game will play at 3:15 p.m. EST.