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Colts fans petitioning against a Jeff Saturday re-hire

Colts fans petitioning against a Jeff Saturday re-hire

Reports have been released today indicating that Jim Irsay is leaning towards bringing Jeff Saturday back to coach for at least another season. While an idiotic, covering-your-ass move is right in line for Irsay, Colts fans are taking any measures possible to ensure Saturday never coaches again.

The fans are attempting to take matters into their own hands by creating a petition to hire another coach. The petition started Wednesday and currently sits at 1,600 signatures as of Thursday morning. The message to Irsay in the petition reads as follows.

“We as Colts fans will always love the memories of the SB XLI team; we love the former players and the people they’ve become, but we don’t want Jeff Saturday as the head coach of this team going forward. Please hire someone with experience and save your fan base from revolting and losing interest.”

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Well, if one thing is clear, it’s that Saturday is not wanted in Indy. Well, at least by everyone aside from the “genius” that is Irsay.

It’s not difficult to see why. During his time as head coach, he went 1-7 and helped allow one of the biggest comebacks of all time.

It was clear that Saturday was in over his head and the team had no life. General manager Chris Ballard has come out and said that the hiring has concerned him. But when you have power-hungry Irsay as your owner, you don’t really get much say in what happens.

I think it’s getting to a point where fans are starting to sick of Irsay and his antics.

I could sit here for hours and write about the dumb decisions and things Irsay has said. He’s one of those owners who have to be involved in decision-making and have the power despite not having a clue as to what he’s doing.

At this point, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Irsay re-hired Saturday. Really, I’d be more surprised if they did hire someone else. Irsay doesn’t have the ego to admit he made a dumb decision, especially after he doubled down when trying to defend the signing.

I really do feel bad for Colts fans. This man went 1-7 without having any real prior experience and fans are having to rely on a petition to try and make the change since their owner is an egotistical idiot. It’s really mind blowing to me and makes me glad my team’s owner isn’t Irsay.

I hope for the sake of the fans that a change is made. This Jeff Saturday experiment clearly didn’t work out and that’s okay. But when you have an entire fanbase, plus the entire football world telling you to do something, maybe don’t try to act like you are the smartest guy in the world.

Irsay wanted to look like a genius by bringing in Saturday, but all he’s done is show how incompetent of a football mind he has and that his ego prevents him from being a truly good owner. Listen to the people, Jim!


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