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Jim Irsay

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Jim Irsay Defends The Jeff Saturday Hire

Jim Irsay
Jim Irsay vehemently defended the Jeff Saturday hire. Irsay’s confident that Saturday is the right man to lead the Colts. (Justin Casterline/Getty Images)

Jim Irsay Defends The Jeff Saturday Hire

Never give up on your dream kids. No matter how big or small. Jeff Saturday just got an NFL head coaching job with zero experience. One of these days I will work in a front office. If Saturday can get the Colts job, they just might hire you next. For those who are still making fun of the hire like I am, Colts owner Jim Irsay is defending the hire to the death.

“Want to bet against this guy?” Irsay exclaimed. “Put your money down. [I’d] love to see it, because I know what he’s about.”

“There’s no rule book that tells you, ‘Now you should make a change,'” Irsay said. “It’s something from being in the league 52 years. It’s intuitive.”

“This is for eight games, hopefully more,” he said.

I for sure will be putting my money down. Betting against the Colts seems like easy money right now. The Raiders are -6.5 point favorites this weekend for a reason. The Raiders shouldn’t be 6.5 point favorites over anybody except the Texans right now. Yet here we are. The Vegas books are telling you a lot of what you need to know here.

Saturday appears to be a great guy but it’s hard not to be skeptical here. In fact, as of right now there isn’t a single person in the building who has ever called a play before. Apparently, some guy by the name of Parks Frazier is about to do it Sunday. Good luck.

Again, this goes back to what I said in the news post. Why exactly is Chris Ballard off the hook here when all he does is make terrible personnel decisions? Hired in 2017 and his starting quarterback today is Sam Ehlinger. Sorry, anybody who does that should be FIRED.

That’s not how Irsay sees it. Despite never winning the AFC South, Irsay called Ballard a ‘winner’.

“There’s no question about that,” Irsay said. “Honestly, it’s not really even in the consciousness of my mind. … The guy’s a winner, and he’s been immensely successful.”

For the record, if Jim Irsay called me, I’d decline that job. I’d never take the Colts gm job. Not as long as that great idiot is running the team. Isay is a god awful owner who overrides crucial decisions because of his ridiculous impulsive behavior. If you needed more evidence of how big of a joke this guy is, here you go.

Does anybody know WTF that means? Is he drunk? That’s happened before… We’ll leave it at that. End of blog.


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