Colin Cowherd
Colin Cowherd trolled Baker Mayfield and Browns fans again by saying they “don’t matter enough” to purposefully antagonize. (FoxSports.Com)

Colin Cowherd: You “Don’t Matter Enough” For Me To Troll You

Colin Cowherd is a known hater of Baker Mayfield and the city of Cleveland. We get it, no point in going over what we already know. Recently, Cowherd played a game called ‘Mayfield or The Field’. The game is pretty simple. Which quarterback would he take over the Browns signal caller.

Of course, Cowherd riled people up because he picked a lot of questionable quarterbacks over Baker. For the record, I don’t necessarily disagree with most of his picks, Mayfield has proven he’s limited. However, when you take 90 percent of the league over Mayfield, you’re going to get *some* push back.

Cowherd responded to the haters in the only way he would.

“There’s no money in it for me to get Cleveland riled up. You’re not a big enough city. You don’t matter enough. Like it would be one thing if I was riling up New York, or Chicago, or Dallas, or L.A., or Atlanta, or Philadelphia. Cleveland is like.. is Cleveland even as big as Columbus, Ohio? I don’t think it is, is it?”

I’m not a Cowherd defender but the guy has a point. The Browns are a punching bag or have been forever. He spends way too much time on the Mayfield topic and sometimes he goes off on the deep end on it. However, he has every right to play the game on his show.

Just for fun, I looked at all of the starting quarterbacks in the league. I have Mayfield at 20 right now not including the incoming rookies. I think we know the story on Mayfield by now. He’s a better version of Case Keenum. The Browns are loaded and was able to be a functional starter on a run first team. A year ago with Freddie Kitchens, Mayfield was a mess even with good surrounding talent. It is what it is.

Browns fans may get upset and they help drive clicks on the topic. If they don’t want Cowherd to talk about the Cleveland sports teams anymore, stop listening to his show. It’s not that hard.