Colin Cowherd

Colin Cowherd makes my job too easy. We at Vendetta have really hounded on Cowherd in recent weeks, but the guy really deserves it right now. On live TV, Cowherd discussed the woes of the Los Angeles Lakers roster. Even though they have LeBron and AD, there’s something missing from making the Lakers a lock for the title. Cowherd’s answer? Simple, just trade for Bradley Beal.

That’s all fine and dandy Colin, but here is the problem. What do the Lakers have as assets to trade for Beal? The Lakers cleared house to get Davis. They don’t have enough young players or draft picks to sweeten the pot. The only player that would even be remotely attractive to the Washington Wizards would be Kyle Kuzma. I’m not high on Kuzma to begin with, but he is literally the only thing that would even begin to make this trade work.

There is no way Washington could justify trading Beal for Kuzma, they aren’t on the same level. It absolutely blows my mind that Lakers fans think this is plausible. Part of me thinks they’re hyping up Alex Caruso to involve in a trade, but part of me also thinks Lakers fans are just as delusional in thinking Caruso is a good player. Lakers fans don’t live in reality. I’m surprised I’m noting seeing more headlines detailing how the Lakers plan to sign Giannis Antetokounmpo in 2021.

We’ve picked on Cowherd a lot these past few weeks. But can you blame us? He is saying some of the most ridiculous and hypocritical takes imaginable. I think Colin is really starting to slip. This isn’t the first time his Laker fanboy has shown, and I’m telling you now it won’t be the last. Whatever fantasy world Lakers fans dwell in, Colin Cowherd is their ruler.