Colin Cowherd
Colin Cowherd is the biggest hypocrite of all-time. I lost my mind today after seeing his rant on why the Jets should pay Jamal Adams. (Herd Image)

Recently, the guys on the site tried to get a hashtag going. I wish him the best of luck but the ugly truth of the matter is, Colin Cowherd would never invite me on his show. I would make him look too bad.

It only took a few days for me to do exactly that. Make Colin Cowherd look bad. Cowherd went on his show today and tried to make an argument that the Jets should pay Jamal Adams. This is not something I agree with but I’m willing to hear the argument. Personally, I’d trade Adams in a second but let’s hear what Cowherd has to say.

I lost my mind when I heard his rant. LOST IT. Cowherd used Ezekiel Elliott as a reason why the Jets should pay Jamal Adams. This came basically one year after Cowherd trashed Elliott for 20 straight days. I defended Zeke and said Dallas should pay him. Today, Cowherd used Elliott as an example as to why the Jets should pay Adams. HYPOCRITE.

I truly lost my mind when he said Ezekiel Elliott’s name. Go back and watch my original video. He literally spent 20 days in a row trashing Zeke calling for the Cowboys to trade him. OH, but we’re supposed to forget about that when he’s defending Jamal Adams by using Elliott as his ammo. Words cannot describe how I lost my mind. It’s a messed up world we live in.

That might not have been the worst part. Cowherd called Adams a top “5-7” player in the NFL. Bro… what? Adams is a good player but WTF games are you watching? Adams is a box safety with zero ball production. He’s probably not even a top 5-7 safety in the NFL. You want to talk about a joke. This is it right here.

I’m all in on the hashtag now. #GetTreyOnTheHerd. I just took 2 minutes in a written article to make Cowherd look like a complete dope. Imagine what I would do to this man on national television? Don’t worry, it won’t ever happen. Cowherd is too scared to ever let me on that show.