Colin Cowherd
The Herd with Colin Cowherd

Cowherd gonna Cowherd y’all. Today Colin Cowherd released who he thinks are the top 5 arm talents in the NFL. I’ll let you watch the video and hear his explanation, but let me warn you, it is one of the worst NFL takes I’ve heard in a while.

First off, Brady and Goff should not be anywhere near this list. Brady is getting old and who knows how much he has left. Goff is just an absolutely awful pick. The only reason Goff is even considered by some to be good is because of Sean McVay’s system. But that system is starting to show holes, and so is Goff’s game. Trey has an excellent article detailing just how bad Goff was this past year. It was all on Goff, not the offensive scheme or other players.

My biggest problem isn’t really who is on Cowherd’s list, but who he left off. How the hell can you leave arguably the best QB in the NFL right now off any top 5 list? His reasoning? Because he sometimes throws no look passes. Literally that’s it. Are you kidding me????? Look at some of these throws Colin and tell me a real reason why he’s not on your list.

How can you justify this Colin?

I just don’t understand Colin. Most of these passes fit your description of throws that should come from a top 5 arm talent. There are a few candidates who can take Brady’s spot, and honestly whichever one someone puts there can have a valid argument. I could see arguments for Wentz, Jackson, or Rodgers for that matter. But that’s not the point. Don’t let that argument take away from the fact that Cowherd led Mahomes off this list.

Colin Cowherd has been slipping ever since sports stopped. Even though we point out that Cowherd is regularly hypocritical, the lack of sports puts more emphasis on his mistakes. And rightfully so. I’m still on the #GetTreyOnTheHerd train because I want to see someone put Cowherd in his place. We need better from you Colin.