Jared Goff
The Jared Goff contract extension is proving to be a horrible mistake. (Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

The Jared Goff Contract Extension Was An Epic Mistake

Sean McVay could only save Jared Goff for so long. McVay’s creative play calling could only save Jared Goff for so long. Goff could only play out of his mind for so long. Deep down, we know that Jared Goff is a total bust hiding in plain sight. We know that Jared Goff is Kyle Boller on steroids with Sean McVay. He’s a hell of a lot closer to the guy we saw with Jeff Fisher. That’s for sure. Teams have gotten a better understanding of the McVay offense and Goff has come way back down to earth. After years of fooling people, Goff is showing his true colors.

Over the last 16 games, Goff has been a bad quarterback anyway you slice it.

Jared Goff

Yeah, not great. Goff is finally showing you the guy that he really is. A terrible quarterback who also is a total bitch. He’s the worst quarterback under pressure as well. Whoever you want to blame for Goff’s struggles, it’s becoming more and more clear that the recent contract extension was an enormous mistake.

Goff has notoriously been known as a horrible quarterback in cold weather. He was lucky enough to play at Cal and get drafted by the Rams. His numbers in cold weather are brutal. Bad news… it’s starting to get cold now. I’m afraid based on recent history that Goff is going to get worse the rest of the way. The Rams gave Goff a 4-year extension worth $134 million in what might go down as one of the worst decisions in franchise history.

The numbers don’t lie. Goff has been awful. They made the mistake that so many have. Don’t pay average or below average quarterbacks top tier money. Now the Rams interior offensive line has eroded. Todd Gurley isn’t the same player. The Rams don’t have the draft capital to replace holes on the roster. This is just the beginning. More and more pieces of this Rams roster will start to peel off because of this egregious contract. You think the Rams are in rough shape now? This is just the start of horrible things to come.

Good luck with this one, LA. The teams have figured out the offense. It’s not McVay’s fault. He can only do so much with the pile of garbage that is Jared Goff. The running game isn’t the same. The Rams are so screwed. I can’t say I’m too shaken up to see it. He’s just starting to become the guy I always knew he was. Trey wins again.