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Chris Carson Is An Underrated Fantasy Star

Chris Carson
Chris Carson is an underrated fantasy superstar. Carson has done nothing but produce but isn’t valued like one in fantasy drafts. (AP Photo/Bruce Kluckhohn)

One of the battles in fantasy is battling through the nonsense. Fantasy football rankings often have little to do with facts and more to do with name power. There is no better example of this than Chris Carson who does nothing but produce as a top tier running back. He just doesn’t have a big name so mostly people incorrectly ignore him.

I’ll give you some examples. Chris Carson is currently…

Ranked 15th by fantasy pros. One spot higher than washed Todd Gurley. C’mon.

ESPN has Carson also ranked 15th. One spot higher than Leonard Fournette who I’m not sure even likes football. C’mon.

Sporting News also has Carson ranked 15th. One spot higher than Devin Singletary who won’t get any touchdown production this year. C’mon.

This is my entire problem with the fantasy community. Everybody has the same opinion, nobody has anything cunning – intelligent to say, and everybody loves their snake draft. It’s a tired lame act and I’m not willing to stand for it.

Here’s a different opinion. Give me Chris Carson over Joe Mixon every day of the week. How’s that for an opinion? Sorry, it doesn’t fit your snake draft narrative that you have to pick each player in certain spots in the draft.

Here’s what I know. Chris Carson is a really good football player. Only two players in the NFL have 1,100 rushing yards and nine total touchdowns each of the last two years. One of them is Ezekiel Elliott. The other Chris Carson. That’s the list.

With Carson, I’m signing up for a back in an offense with Russell Wilson and a philosophy that skews run heavy. You don’t want that? Chris Carson ranked 5th in total carries last year. Again, in a run heavy offense that has Russell Wilson that will also score points. You don’t want that?

What are the cons? Carson’s been hurt in the past. K… what’s your point? Are you not going to draft Dalvin Cook or Saquon Barkley? Carson played more games last year than both of them. Carson also fumbles a lot. Carson fumbled 7 times last year. Here’s my question. Pete Carroll doesn’t care so why should I care? If Chris Carson has fumbling issues and Pete Carroll still gave him the ball 278 times, what does it matter?

I do think there’s a chance Carlos Hyde is involved. I did like DeeJay Dallas coming out of Miami. Rashaad Penny is a complete waste, however. The concern for touches shouldn’t really be a factor. Seattle picked Penny in the first round wanting to use him in a big way. It never mattered. Carson is the unquestioned lead back and in line for another big workload.

I’m not a big PPR guy but it’s not like Carson is a zero as a pass catcher. Carson averaged 2.5 receptions and 3 targets a game in 2019. Rashaad Penny is out so Carson is THE guy as a pass catcher this year. Carlos Hyde isn’t doing that. An extra 300 yards in the air isn’t out of the question.

Let’s be honest, after the first 6 running backs or so, it feels like a crapshoot. There’s a lot of risk. Carson outscored Alvin Kamara last year by a lot. You won’t find a ranking that has them even on the same tier. With Carson, I get a lead back on a run heavy offense with Russell Wilson while also averaging 4.5 yards per carry. You don’t want that? I’ll take him.

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