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Charmin Soft Ryan Clark Walks Back His Tua Comments

Ryan Clark
In the most predictable turn of events ever, Charmin Ultra Soft Ryan Clark walked his Tua hate comments back rather quickly. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

Charmin Soft Ryan Clark Walks Back His Tua Comments

Tua 1, Ryan Clark 0.

I guess this is just the world we live in now. Someone has controversial comments; then they immediately apologize for them. Sean Payton just did this with the Nathaniel Hackett thing. Nobody ever has the stones to stand by what they say.

The comments were pathetic. The apology is even more embarrassing.

“When I decided to do TV I had 2 main priorities,” Clark posted on the platform formerly known as Twitter. “1. Respect all NFL players, coaches, executives and staff members. 2. Earn and keep the respect of those very same people. Those priorities are important to me, and when I miss that mark, I have to hold myself accountable. This game is difficult. Players sacrifice so much to be a part of the 1%. I have a responsibility to those players to be thoughtful in the way I present my opinions of them. In joking about Tua Tagovailoa, I didn’t meet that responsibility. It was never my intention to question Tua’s work ethic or commitment to the game, but I’m also aware enough to know that intent, doesn’t always match impact. How something is presented isn’t always how it’s received by everyone. I do my best to be honest when executing my job as well as being honest when I fall short. I fell short on Monday and for that, I genuinely apologize.”

“If I’ve offended you, Tua, if I hurt you, if I disrespected you, if anybody that supports and love you feels some sort of way because of what I said, I truly apologize,” Clark said.

“To Tua Tagovailoa and his family, I deeply apologize,” Clark said. “I’ve reached out. I hope to talk to you soon, brother. But just know, I wasn’t questioning the way you work. I wasn’t questioning how much it mattered to you. I was what I can consider now a bad joke. But, for me, it’s been a lesson. I’ll be better.”

I’m not saying we can’t make mistakes but WTF was that apology? The guy is acting like he murdered someone. If you’re going to smack talk, you gotta stand by it for longer than 12 hours. If you’re going to act like this, what’s the point of you being on the air? It was also a terrible apology. Clark, making fun of his work habits is exactly what you did. To just say you’re sorry and it was all a bad joke is weak.

Is this the world we now live in? Do you have to say sorry every time you express an opinion? The comments may have been ignorant but the apology feels inauthentic and lame.

What value does Ryan Clark bring to ESPN? He handled the Demar Hamlin thing with class. Outside of that, I have no idea what his value is. It’s whack that he even hosts that MMA show with Daniel Cormier. Does anybody even watch that?


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