Champions League is Being Rescheduled
Champions League trophy. Photo by Reuters.

Champions League is being rescheduled. It looks like August 8, will be the return date.

UEFA, European Club Association (ECA) and domestic European leagues will be meeting on June 17 to finalize the new Champions League schedule.

The new format would include changing all knockout games from the quarterfinals to a single-leg format.

There is still four Round of 16 second-leg games to finish. They are Manchester City (2) vs. Real Madrid (1), Juventus (0) vs. Olympique Lyonnais (1), Bayern Munich (3) vs. Chelsea (0) and Barcelona (1) vs. Napoli (1).

Atalanta, Leipzig RB, Atletico Madrid, and Paris Saint-Germain have already moved to the next round.

The current problem is how the 2020-21 seasons will be affected. If Champions League starts on August 8, UEFA Europa League starts two days later. Then the domestic leagues are eager to start the next season to recover from the time off. However, the players would need a rest after a few months of back to back games.

The national team games would need to be delayed next season. All leagues are feeling the pressure to stick as closely to the original 2020-21 season schedule.

Hopefully, the leagues can find a way for Champions League to be rescheduled where it won’t heavily interfere with the next season schedule.