Moving the Transfer Window
Premier League teams Chelsea FC and Liverpool FC play at Stamford Bridge. Photo by Robin Jones/ Getty Images.

The initial transfer window was supposed to open up in June. However, with the pandemic, leagues are just now starting to return. With that in mind, the Football Association (FA) is considering moving the transfer window.

For England, the original intent was to transfer starting on June 18, but that was quickly repealed. Premier League is returning on June 17, so it was too close.

The FA is offering to move the window to August through October. They are consulting different European associations to gather suggestions. Also, there is positive reinforcement for ending the transfer window on Friday, October 2.

As of Monday, the French Football Federation (FFF) has already started its domestic transfers. This was allowed after the cancellation of the French leagues till September. However, they are considering opening their international transfer ban around August as well.

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) has already confirmed that their transfer window will run from September 1 through October 5.

Although FIFA will be providing guidelines, it is up to the individual associations to see what they want to do. So, it looks like moving the transfer window will allow the leagues to finish and for teams to narrow their signings.

Return Dates:

La Liga- June 11.

Premier League- June 17.

Serie A– June 13 for Coppa Italia and June 22 for league resumption.

MLS- Around June 24.

USL- July 11.