Anthony Edwards
Stephen Lew/USA Today Sports

Anthony Edwards is considered by many scouts to be the first overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. Edwards is an explosive guard with the strength and handles to score at all 3 levels. He reminds me a lot of RJ Barrett coming out of college, which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you like Barrett. Edwards has the tools to become a star in the NBA. Let’s take a quick look at what those tools are and what needs improvement.

Strengths: Physicality, Quickness, Off-dribble scoring

Edwards is built like a modern NBA player but has the game similar to the fit of a guard in the mid 2000s. He’s quick and has good handles which allows him to get a great first step and be ahead of defenders. The combination of the two allows him to use an arsenal of moves that will easily allow for a step back, or he can use his pure strength to force his way into the paint. Edwards does a great job in transition. He can outrun almost any defender the picks him up beyond half court and make them pay for it. Edwards shows the ability to be an elite 2-guard in the NBA and will be an absolute nightmare to guard once he gets into the groove of the NBA.

Crazy athleticism is another plus in Edwards’ tool belt. It felt like there wasn’t much of Edwards in the news, but each time there was he was catching a body. The pure strength of someone so young going into the NBA is a huge plus. Edwards will be able to somewhat hold his own against veteran players. It’s a scary thought to think that he will eventually get bigger and stronger.

Weaknesses: Outside Scoring, Turnovers

There are not very many weaknesses in Edwards’ game, but the ones that are there can hold him back. His consistency from scoring from outside is a little frightening to look at. His overall is not terrible at 40%, but you would want much better from a top prospect than 29% from three. Most of this stems from the frequent shooting funks Edwards can fall into. He’ll occasionally settle for shots and try to shoot more shots to get back into the groove. Edwards averaged nearly 3 turnovers a game. That is something that has to get cleaned up at the next level, or he will be eaten alive by good defenders.

Anthony Edwards is a solid player with only small weaknesses in his game. He truly does have the stuff to become a special player in the league. Edwards could easily fit into any team that lands a top 5 pick, but I doubt he is on the board past the number 3 pick. There is a lot of talk of Golden State taking Edwards, but I personally believe they should go in the direction of a big. I honestly can’t wait to see where he goes, and whichever team pulls the trigger will have had a good draft.

Best Fit: Cleveland, New York, Atlanta, Minnesota, Detroit

Current NBA Comparison: Victor Oladipo