CFB Playoffs
Kevin Dietsch/UPI

It’s time to increase the number of college football playoff teams. The CFB playoffs only let’s 4 teams get in. I get it, they’re the best out of the best, it is an exclusive company and not everyone should get in. But whenever they announced the CFB Playoffs, I was thinking “Man, this is a GREAT idea! I might start watching college football more now!” Then, they only announced 4 teams, and I was thinking what is the point. Sure there are steps to making things better, but in the short 5 years it’s existed, I can already say the time for change is now. The clear and obvious choice is to change the number of teams in the CFB playoffs.

Now, guys, I’m fucking crazy. When I do things, I do them balls to the wall, or not at all. (BARS) I’m big on the “Go big or go home” mentality. So naturally, my idea is to go 32 teams and just do it (Shia LaBeouf voice). While I know this sounds unrealistic, and it probably is, this is the right idea though and what I would go with. Let me break it down.

The College Championship game is January 13 this year. Working backward, that’s 5 weeks of games (including the championship) to get to the winner if we use 32 teams. 5 weeks before January 13th and on a Saturday is December 7th. This is a whole month or so of college playoffs where ANYONE can win. I’m talking upsets, and no one knows for sure who would win. The thing about it is, as the current playoff format already does, just use the rankings as the seeding. After 25, those teams still get votes and whoever the top 7 are after the Top 25, that’s who your teams are for the playoffs. This makes the seeding 1-32, and the natural bracket after that. Maybe then Penn State has a chance at a National Championship, who knows.

As I said, I’m not the biggest college football fan, I’ll watch it and know the big names and all that, but mostly I’m an outsider looking in. However, I could see fans really getting into this idea. Look, I might have scared you with 32 teams, I have that natural effect on people. I’m willing to settle for 16, hell, even 8 teams. But I think we can all agree that 4 teams for the CFB playoffs, is hardly a playoff at all.