Deebo Samuel
Make no mistake about it, Deebo Samuel is an elite WR. It’s time to put some respect on his name. This is a superstar. (Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Make No Mistake About It, Deebo Samuel Is An ELITE WR

Deebo Samuel is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. Unfortunately, we just haven’t always seen it. Injuries have been the only thing that has held back Deebo to this point. It’s only a matter of time before he overcomes then. Jump on this bandwagon NOW.

Make no mistake about it, Deebo Samuel is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. AJ Brown and DK Metcalf have stolen all the buzz from that 2019 Draft class. It was clear those three were a cut above the rest in that draft class, but Deebo needs to be included in that conversation.

Think about what Deebo did a year ago. The former South Carolina wide out broke his foot right before the start of the season. He notched a catch percentage of 75% and led the NFL in separation. Samuel was open by an average of 4.6 yards per route run according to Next Gen. The next closest was 4.2 which is a significant gap. Coming off a broken foot… This dude is a ROCKSTAR!

Samuel almost kind of looks like a younger (but better) version of Keenan Allen. The guy is always open but is somehow more versatile. He can line up every where and even take snaps at running back. I’m just trying to understand why nobody talks about him among the best receivers in the NFL.

Think about how disrespectful this is. Fantasy Pros currently has Deebo ranked 32nd. That’s so outrageous. His teammate Brandon Aiyuk is ranked nine spots higher and Deebo is just significantly better. Not a debate. It’s time to give this man the respect he deserves. Deebo is a star. Treat him like one.

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