Denzel Mims
Michael Conroy/Associated Press

This isn’t because I think Denzel Mims is one of the better WRs in the game. Hell, he’s not even rated that high on our fantasy rookie WR list. However, there’s a lot to think about when you look at Denzel Mims’s fantasy potential. There’s not a lot of good things going on in New York, especially the Jets. Sure, Sam Darnold is a great franchise QB and Le’Veon Bell has had some great seasons, do we know anyone else on that offense? Yeah, exactly. That gives Denzel Mims at least a chance to contribute for the Jets.

I mean, even the most notable WRs that are there right now are Breshad Perriman, Josh Doctson, and Jamison Crowder. That doesn’t exactly scream established to me. Although Denzel Mims might not be the best WR in this class, he may have the biggest chance to produce for fantasy. None of these guys are WR1s, they will all be fighting for targets and receptions. That means Mims is going to be in that mix to be the WR1. If he is the clear WR1 for the Jets, you can expect him to see most of the targets and with his height, he could be a Red Zone option for TDs.

Final Assessment

Denzel Mims might be one of those late-round gems you find that didn’t think anything of. He might not do shit this year. But with the shit show in New York, can you ever know who’s going to be good there. It might be wise to just avoid any WR on the Jets. But if you need a WR for depth and might have some fantasy potential in the late rounds, Denzel Mims might be your guy. I’m not saying he’s essential to your fantasy team, but he could be a boom or bust option.