Sam Darnold
Sam Darnold has proven he’s a franchise quarterback (Jim McIsaac/Getty)

Sam Darnold is quickly becoming the single most disrespected quarterback in the NFL. I’m not just saying this because I liked him coming out of the Draft. I’m saying it because he’s proving it in the NFL. If you asked the common fan what they think of Darnold, they will give you an answer of average to below average because the Jets aren’t winning. It’s just the world we live in. Sam Darnold has proven he’s a franchise quarterback. It’s whether you’re smart enough to see it.

I’m not sure any quarterback has overcome more dysfunction this year. Sure, Darnold isn’t overcoming it, but it’s a miracle the Jets are 6-9. Total miracle. The Jets have the 26th rated offensive line according to Football Outsiders. Le’Veon Bell is averaging 3.3 yards per carry and is one of the worst running backs in the NFL. His tight end something called Daniel Brown. Robby Anderson is his number one receiver. I’m not sure anybody has less to work with. Oh, and his head coach is an asshole.

Here is a simple fact for you. Darnold is 6-2 when he gets sacked 2 or fewer times. That tells me when he plays a team that doesn’t totally overwhelm his supporting cast, Darnold finds a way to win. It’s not like this Jets defense is anything special. Especially when it doesn’t have CJ Mosley. Most Sundays, the Jets look like Troy playing Alabama, except Troy has a very good quarterback prospect. That’s the 2019 Jets for you. The Jets are also 0-3 without him.

I want you to just really watch some of these throws. You tell me how this guy isn’t a franchise quarterback. You will also notice, not a lot of broken tackles. It’s Darnold carrying his guys.

We saw what the Jets were without Sam Darnold. They couldn’t pick up first downs without him. I’m not kidding. That’s just a fact. That’s how bad this Jets team is. Despite getting mono (which is probably his fault) and having NOTHING and I mean NOTHING to work with, Darnold has the Jets winning a fair share of games. It’s a miracle. That’s what franchise quarterbacks do.

Darnold has been solid. 18 touchdowns and 12 picks in 12 games. Again, I want to stress that he has NOTHING to work with and his head coach is an asshole. 7 yards a pass and a completion percentage of 61.7 with nobody who creates yards after the catch or even gets open is a miracle.

Don’t be that guy that just assumes a quarterback is good or bad based on wins or losses. It’s so elementary and embarrassing. Sam Darnold is proving that he is a franchise quarterback. You just have to have an ounce of intelligence to see it.