Dalvin Cook
Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Dalvin Cook had a great fantasy season last year. In fact, he was 6th overall in fantasy for all RBs. That doesn’t tell the whole story though. It’s important in fantasy to look at averages of points. Cook missed the last 2 weeks of the 2019 NFL season and still finished 6th. If you take that into account, he was actually the 2nd best RB last year. After CMC, Dalvin Cook had the second-highest average of points per week with 20.9 points.

Dalvin Cook 2019

While he had the 2nd highest average of all RBs last year, it wasn’t due to TDs, where he ranked 4th, or rushing yards, where he ranked 9th. It is versatility as a receiving option that will make him one of the best fantasy RBs in the league. His receiving talent is only going to be more prevalent now that Stefon Diggs is on the Bills now. The Vikings still have Adam Thielen and drafted Justin Jefferson, rated highly on our fantasy rookie WRs list. However, Jefferson is still a rookie and will need a couple games to prove himself, plus would you say right now that you trust him more than Diggs? Probably not. Adam Thielen and Dalvin Cook should get more looks now.

Final Assessment

I now complete my big 3 for fantasy RBs with this post. Christian McCaffrey should be #1 in all fantasy leagues and Derrick Henry is the TD machine. Now Dalvin Cook completes the trio. At worst, Cook should be rated #3 on your fantasy list for RBs. If CMC is gone, your options should be Henry or Cook. You would value Cook more if your league is PPR, if not, Henry is the way to go. Either way, Dalvin Cook is a helluva RB to pass on.