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2023 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 2

2023 NFL Draft

2023 NFL Draft
USC football is back and they’re getting their money’s worth with Jordan Addison. Check out the other week two college notes for the 2023 NFL Draft! (AP Photo/Godofredo A. Vásquez) (GODOFREDO A. VÁSQUEZ AP)

2023 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 2

That was something. We’re back with the 2023 NFL Draft notes for Week 2 of the 2022 college football season. On tap, this week includes Alabama vs. Texas, South Carolina vs. Arkansas, Tennessee vs. Pittsburgh, Kentucky vs. Florida, and USC vs. Stanford. Let’s get after it!


The Bryce Young haters got some ammo they needed during this game. I don’t think Young is can’t miss but I still have him as QB1 for a reason. I think we saw a little of both in this game.

The negatives – there are certainly times the Bama quarterback appears small. He’s not that different than Tua, in reality. Does he have rocket fuel coming out of his arm? Def not. Listed at 6-foot but appears way smaller and skinnier than his listed measurables.

Finished the game 27/39 for 213 yards and one touchdown. Young will get the glory for this one but in reality, he wasn’t close to the best QB on the field. If Quinn Ewers had stayed healthy Texas would have won by at least 14 the way that game was going. Based on Bama’s inability to score, Texas could have won by 28 if Ewers remained in the game.

At the same time (positives) there is magic here. You can see those point guard traits on display most of the time. He’s an elite distributor. In the pocket, you will notice Young often takes those short bouncy steps to keep himself on rhythm in the passing game.

Young is also a fantastic adapter which is why I’m on the side of him making it. In crisis, that guy has ice in his veins. Plays better when he has to make a play. Knows what to do in crisis. Can contort his body to make throws others can’t. The mobility is there. Best of all, I don’t know how else to describe it but Young has magic in him. It’s there. I mean just ridiculous stuff.

For the Bryce Young haters, I just want you to take a second to think about this. Did you watch the game? Did you see the same thing I did? Did Young struggle because he’s just not that good or is Bill O’Brien just not that good and Steve Sarkisian have inside info spending all that time at Bama and knew how to stop it? Just a thought.

Not the biggest Will Anderson game ever. Also committed three really dumb penalties. Had a crucial sack towards the end of the game but was essentially unblocked. Let’s just get this out of the way now. I don’t care what this guy does the rest of the season. Anderson is a cannon ball getting shot out of a rocket ship. He’s going to be make it.

Wasn’t as impressed with Dallas Turner. Never was a moment in the game where he made an impact other than injuring Ewers. Also looked lost in coverage on a play that Bijan Robinson beat him over the top.

My guy on this team is DJ Dale. The box score only shows one tackle but the reality is Bama’s defensive line won this battle. They never let Bijan Robinson get going for a second. Really good athlete considering he’s 6-foot-3, 300. Clogs up A LOT of space.

Bama’s receivers basically didn’t get open all game. At the same time, I don’t know why it took him four quarters to recognize Ja’Corey Brooks is one of the few that can actually help him. We can do the song and dance stuff over Cameron Latu but he’s… fine. If you want Devin Asiasi, knock yourself out. The movement skills for Latu simply aren’t good enough to be a real receiving threat as a starting tight end.

Jase McClellan had a long touchdown run. Dude is fast. You have to give that to him. I’m just not sure he’s actually good at the short area stuff. 81 of the 97 yards came on one carry.

Jahmyr Gibbs is the actual starter but it was more of a mixed bag. The in the tackle stuff, I was not impressed. Can do the one cut and go but he screamed average. Finished the game with nine carries for 22 yards. The Bama run game didn’t really get going the whole game but the reality is Gibbs looked way better as a pass catcher.

Not sure that’s a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, the passing game elements were good. Catches the ball well. Can make plays. Runs real routes even if it’s a limited tree. Easily Bama’s leading receiver for nine catches for 74 yards and a score. Gibbs is also the return man for Bama and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. I have real questions on if he’s a real NFL running back.

It’s a long season and maybe I’ll change my mind on this but there’s not a chance I’m ranking Gibbs ahead of Kenny McIntosh at Georgia. Just no chance. I guarantee you nobody else will have that if you ask them today.


I don’t know what to do with the defensive guys. Gary Patterson probably just has them more organized. At least, that’s what it appeared on screen. Remains to be seen if there are any real NFL guys here.

Texas has not had a first round draft pick since Vince Young. Insane when you think about it, right? That’s going to change with Bijan Robinson. No, it wasn’t an all world performance but this was a good showing. 21 carries for 57 yards and a score doesn’t fully tell the story. Bama’s defensive line won every matchup up front. It’s not like Roschon Johnson had any more success.

The broken tackle stuff is going to translate. He’s a house to bring down. Runs with pure power. Underrated athletic traits. Made plays in the passing game and even did so down the field. I don’t quite know what my comp is here yet but it’s hard not to at least be a fan. Tough SOB. Wants to be nasty. Wants to deliver punishment.

South Carolina

Stick a fork in Spencer Rattler. We’re already out on the character traits. Can we just be honest? I’m just not sure the guy is even good at football. Arkansas is the better team but gun to my head? Can you really be positive that he’s better than KJ Jefferson? That’s a bar you have to clear.

There are no questions about the pure arm talent. It’s all horse power 24/7. Rattler is also a moron. Three fumbles and a horrific interception. The sad part is he’s just way more talented than a guy like Desmond Ridder. I’m just not sure that opportunity to even be a back up will even be there. There are just too many times he’s ALL over the place.


Remember the weapons I talked about from last week? This offense was carried by underclassmen Raheim Sanders. Trey Knox did virtually nothing. Jadon Haselwood had five catches for 30 yards. Might be a body body that’s tough to tackle but I just don’t see it with Haselwood. Not an easy mover. That’s the problem here.

Defensively, had some winners. Drew Sanders was out of his mind. 11 tackles, three for loss, and two sacks. The thing that really stood out about Sanders was the range. This dude can really run sideline to sideline. My interest has been perked. Sanders was probably the single best player in the game.

I’m also a fan of Bumper Pool but he’s just not quite as athletic. Ask the guy to key and diagnose while making the tackle? Pool has no issues doing just that.


Only one real takeaway for Tennessee in this one. Well, one takeaway for each side of the ball.

Wide receivers Cedric Tillman and Bru McCoy both had big games. They’re Josh Palmer clones. I think McCoy is probably the better player. Both a similar. Big bodies. Can get the job done. Won’t run circles around guys with the route tree. They beat the brakes off Pitt corners Rashad Battle and MJ Devonshire. Made both look very small.

Byron Young had a pretty good game. Not sure what the pure ceiling is but he torched Pitt’s right tackle. Once the injury replacement came into the game, Young did even more damage. Preseason All-SEC pick for a reason. Had a sack, two TFL’s, and 3 extra hurries. Young wasn’t the only one creating havoc up front but he certainly is the most talented.


Another goofy performance by Kedon Slovis. If you want to say he’s tough, knock yourself out. Credit to him. Guy stood in the pocket and made some throws while getting the snot kicked out of him. Might be a touch more talented than I gave him credit for. Not a total statue. Can sit there and make the easy throws.

Still not an aircraft carrier. Does a lot of dumb things. Should have thrown three picks, at minimum. Nick Patti came into the game with one leg and virtually created the same amount of offense. Truthfully, I think the guy stinks. We’re trending in the wrong direction here. Not sure he’s even draftable.

ISRAEL ABANIKANDA! Wow, dude. Now that was something. 25 carries for 154 yards and a score. That was while his offensive line was losing the battle. Not sure what exactly it is about Abanikanda. Just looks shot out of a cannon. One track mindset and wants to do damage every time he gets the ball. Looks tough to bring down. Good size at 215. Not sure about the long speed but Pitt has a track record of producing real pros. Back to back really strong showings. This time against an SEC defense. May have something here.


Let’s talk about Will Levis, shall we? I am more than willing to acknowledge that it’s not hard to see that strides have been made since his time at Penn State. Let’s also keep in mind the guy we saw at Penn State wasn’t draftable so don’t forget about that either.

Should we call it a mixed bag? Levis won the battle against Anthony Richardson and that counts for something. Furthermore, his team had far less talent too. Outside of true freshman Dane Key, Kentucky was totally outgunned. Levis made some really big throws. Especially this laser down the field for a score.

The stat line finished 13/24 for 202 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. I guess my question here is, what are your expectations? This isn’t a first round quarterback. I’m sorry, but it’s not. The pure arm talent might be there but what else is? Does the footwork blow you away? Does he pop off the screen and show those wow moments? Does that extra gear ever show up? Is the mobility going to be a problem? All of those questions are REAL concerns.


There he is! Oh, we knew he would come out at some point, right? Ah, yes bad Anthony Richardson is here. We will do the same thing that we did last week. Let’s point out the negatives for what they mean and how we should think about them moving forward.

If you’re on the side of Richardson is a bum and has a better chance to make it as a tight end, this game was for you. By the way, I’m not sure that side is wrong. I just don’t think we have all of the information yet. In reality, this is Richardson’s third start. It’s the information process for a reason. We knew the bad was in there and we sure got it in the Kentucky game.

What happens when the rushing isn’t there? Only four rushing yards against a middle tier SEC team. Richardson had to make big boy throws to win this game. He didn’t just fail. That was UGLY.

14/35 for 143 yards and two picks. Couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. Registered a QBR of 3.8. If you want to say the defense made great plays on the interceptions that’s fine but it was still a garbage performance.

The arm strength is there. The athletic traits are there. I’m not sure the accuracy ever will be and I’m far more concerned about Richardson in this area than I was about Josh Allen back in the day. I felt Allen would find his accuracy down the road playing with a better supporting cast compared to Wyoming.

He just looks lost. Not sure he has any idea what he’s doing if the game gets complex. We didn’t just see bad misses. Some of these throws weren’t within ten yards of the target.

Richardson still has an opportunity ahead of himself but we can’t have another performance like that. The schedule is only going to get tougher in the weeks to come.

Remember last week when I said I wanted Brenton Cox to start taking over? No more of this oh, I’m here to take part. It’s time to take over. This one should go in the record books as a really good game for Cox. The pure box score stats won’t show it but you want to talk about strong and nasty? I mean… yeah. Check this out!


Quickly, O’Cyrus Torrence? You want to talk about a people mover? Next time you watch Florida just check out the right guard. I mean some gashing holes that dude was opening up. That’s a big boy at 346. Transfer from the Ragin Cajuns and make no mistake, he’s looked very good.


SHEEESH! That was awesome! USC is so back.

Let’s chat about the Jordan Addison show. That was a show. Seven receptions for 172 yards and two scores. Through two weeks, Caleb Williams still has a perfect passer rating when targeting the former Biletnikoff winner.

Of course, Addison is the incoming transfer from Pitt but in reality, Addison has only helped his draft stock. These plays that Addison is making down field are special. I don’t want to get too crazy but there is some Calvin Ridley here. I would say a hair slower but that’s a pro. Smooth in the route running. Very sudden. Knows how to manipulate defenses.

Addison frankly just did whatever he wanted. Looks lowkey tough to tackle too. I’m in. I don’t know what my comp is here yet but I’m in. Obviously, the matchups against Rice and Stanford were easy. It’s hard to complain with the performance. Can only play the teams on the schedule and Addison very much looks like a star.

Side note: Stanford didn’t stand much of a chance. I’m not sure how many dudes USC’s defense has but this Tuli Tuipulotu looks like a problem in a good way. This dude was blowing plays up in the backfield over and over again. Just worth mentioning quickly.

Side Note: I didn’t watch much of the Marshall upset win over Notre Dame. However, I did see this. Yes, that is Stephon Gillmore’s brother. From the little I saw, every play looked like this. Jumping routes, putting receivers in his back pocket. That was something, man. We might have a real sleeper on our hands.


Hey, maybe Emmitt Smith’s son can play? Had a bad fumble on the goal line, but otherwise looked pretty good. Low center of gravity. Good vision. Has a plan. Knows where he wants to go. Don’t see superstar but I think there is actually some real talent here. 19 carries for 88 yards and a score isn’t the worst performance ever based on how the rest of the Cardinal stacked up.


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