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2023 NFL Draft

(AP Photo/John Bazemore)(John Bazemore / Associated Press)

2023 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 10

2023 NFL Draft
Hendon Hooker is still having nightmares about Jalen Carter. Check out the 2023 NFL Draft Stock Report notes for week 10! (AP Photo/John Bazemore)(John Bazemore / Associated Press)

2023 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 10

Not going to lie, this is the first week I’ve had to re-write my intro. I bet Tennessee big and then when they lost, we went to World Series mode. There’s a lot on TV… Ok. This week for the 2023 NFL Draft stock report, we’re throwing it down with Ohio State vs. Northwestern, Tennessee vs. Georgia, and Alabama vs. LSU. Let’s get right to it.

Ohio State

It’s amazing how small Marvin Harrison Jr. makes the rest of the weapons on this offense feel. I like Emeka Egbuka but I need better than two receptions for six yards. Both he and Cade Stover had bad drops but Harrison carried the passing game.

I say all that to say this. I’d be terrified to turn the card in for CJ Stroud. Our guy was at the game and there is no question the win played a factor. 30 MPH winds are no joke. I’m not saying that’s easy to navigate but a lot of this was on Stroud. He doesn’t have a shotgun arm and he’s not the most accurate guy in the world. 10/26 for 76 yards against Northwestern should be viewed as pathetic. End of story.

Brenden Sullivan had three more passing yards on 12 fewer attempts. Take that for data.

The 79 yards on the ground is cool but he’s also not a Justin Fields type of athlete. Again, this wasn’t 100 percent Stroud. There were some drops and the weather wasn’t ideal. We’re also talking about a California native who doesn’t have that high end arm talent. Accuracy is no better than a B-.

What exactly do you want me to do just ignore it and move on? Again, I like Stroud. I am very skeptical that he is going to save my franchise. 76 passing yards against Northwestern doesn’t exactly quiet my concerns.

I love Miyan Williams. 26 carries for 111 yards and two scores. That was the offense essentially for Ohio State. He’s so Beanie Wells but the good news is he’s going to cost way less than when Wells was drafted. I think Williams is faster too. Williams is tough and a brick 225 bowling ball of chaos. I’m very confident he’s going to be a productive back for someone.


Let’s at least write something about the fighting Cervantes’. Defensive end Adetomiwa Adebawore looks way better against the run as compared to the pass. If you’re thinking this guy is going to be some double digit sack artist in the NFL like some project, Id tell you that’s probably wrong. As of right now, he looks like a rotational piece but we have to see how this athletic stuff actually tests on the combine. That’s going to be a huge day for him. No sacks and 0.5 tackle for loss in this one for Adebawore. That game-breaking game to put Northwestern really in the mix didn’t come to fruition.

The running backs here are actually kinda interesting. Don’t forget, Justin Jackson made the league so it’s not like Northwestern can’t produce these guys. Previously, I think I have been a Cam Porter > Evan Hull. That might be wrong. Hull had a big game against the Buckeyes going for 122 yards on 30 carries. Porter had 11 carries for 50 yards. Not a bad performance, but this offense has told you who they want to ride.

Hull didn’t do much in the passing game on Saturday but that is part of the repertoire. Look, you’re probably not looking at more than a 7th rounder / priority free agent. I just wouldn’t rule out Hull making an NFL roster. That should be viewed as a win that we’re talking about that as a possibility.


I don’t feel any differently than I did a week ago about Hendon Hooker. I tried to challenge you by asking yourself an important question. What are your expectations here? If it was more than Tyrod Taylor with a little more horsepower, you played yourself.

Is that good enough to make the league? Sure, I think Hooker has proven that he can play. Has a surprisingly good deep ball, is more than mobile, and is a big 6-foot-4. The people that thought Hooker had moved into the top 5 of the draft got a rude wake-up call. A wake-up call that was much needed.

Ends the day going 23/33 for 195 yards and a pick. Hooker is still flawed in a lot of ways. When Josh Heupel can’t scheme up the perfect play for him, he struggles making decisions. Too many times Hooker held onto the ball and cost his team. Six sacks for Georgia in this one and I’m surprised it wasn’t more. Couldn’t get rid of the ball and make a throw to save his life.

That’s what happens when you play a real defense. There just aren’t free release guys running wide open everywhere. That’s not the real world. Hendon Hooker has been living in La La land and I tried to tell you this wasn’t going to translate to top end first round type stuff.

This is the type of play that sums up Hooker. It’s 4th and 3. Get rid of the ball. Somehow, someway, get rid of the ball. Can’t make up his mind, panic runs, takes a sack. That’s red flag city.

If you really take a closer look at that game, Hooker missed his intended target high at least five times during the game. Sometimes bailed out by taller receivers. Even on those occasions, it limited YAC. Go back and really watch it. He misses high more times than you can count.

The receivers are really interesting here. Cedric Tillman wasn’t 100 percent but he’s clearly the alpha in this group. Jaylin Hyatt is a fun fast target that has real potential but Tillman really opened my eyes. That’s a real secondary and he bullied his way to seven catches and 68 yards. I don’t think he’s perfect but he surely wasn’t the problem.


Speaking of Tillman, I want to start this conversation with Kelee Ringo. I haven’t been sure what to make of Ringo.

He looks like a running back. Thick 210. Long speed is really there. Listed as 6-foot-2, but not sure he’s actually that tall. That being said, Ringo’s interception here blew me away. He literally ran the route better than Tillman did.

This right here is the Ringo we have been waiting for all year and I’m glad he showed up in the biggest game of the season. I question some of his short area stuff in terms of being a real corner. Just feels like Ringo is a jar of untapped potential. This right here is the guy we want to see. I’m in on Ringo and you should also know this cornerback class is hashtag loaded.

Time to talk about the freak along that defensive line, Jalen Carter. A sack, two TFLs, and two forced fumbles in this one. The dude is just a monster. Tennessee had no answers.

I don’t know how in depth we really need to go here on Carter. Remember all of those things I said about being nervous for turning the card in for CJ Stroud? That doesn’t apply here. I turn in the card for Jalen Carter and I’ll sleep really well at night. He’s a MFer on the field. You get yourself an interior game wrecker like this and you shift the balance of power in your favor. He’s that good.

On a smaller note, Warren Brinson looks like a damn good player. Just needs more snaps. That’s a guy that dominates with more opportunities. Just a name to jot down for future reference. Big boy that can move.

Again, I want to talk about the running backs here. Kenny McIntosh continues to prove he can run in between the tackles. 10 carries for 52 yards and looked good doing it. Also added a big 49 yard catch in the passing game. I continue to believe we’re all sleeping on McIntosh.

Kendall Milton was barely involved again but Daijun Edwards failed to continue the momentum. Just too many times where he’s spazz. Runs hard but all over the place. Had a really costly fumble and only went for 2.9 yards per carry on 16 attempts. His fumble, unlike the one freshman Branson Robinson had, came before the hard rain arrived.


It wasn’t the best game in the world for Bryce Young (25-51 for 328 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 int) but I would caution the haters here. Many years ago, I called Justin Fields the magic man. Fields is different than Young but we’re really starting to see that Fields magic now in the NFL.

My nickname for Young is the great adaptor. He’s just so good at this stuff. It’s Rodgers-level stuff except way better movement within the pocket. If any quarterback is going to be a star in this class, 90% of my stock would be on Young to be that guy.

As always, we embed the previous week in the post. If you missed week 9 for the 2023 NFL Draft stock report, check that out here!


Just real quick here, JOHN EMERY SHOWED UP TO THE PARTY! I almost forgot he could do this stuff! Once upon a time, Emery was a monster recruit. Is this the best play he’s made at LSU? I’m so happy Brian Kelly is getting something out of Emery. This is a radar player for the rest of the year. Emery has so much talent and if we can get this guy for the rest of the year? Just saying.


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