Bruce Arians Jameis Winston
Bruce Arians took at shot at Jameis Winston. What will the Bucs do with Winston this offseason? (Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports)

What are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers going to do with Jameis Winston? There are only 3 options. Will Winston get the franchise tag, sign a long term deal, or walk in free agency? Bruce Arians spoke today during exit interviews. If you ask him, it sounds like he believes Winston is very replaceable.

“Another quarterback? Oh, yeah. [If] we can win with this one, we can definitely win with another one too. We’re going to have this defense.”

“A big part of it was [backup] Blaine [Gabbert] getting hurt, and we had to find out [if] this was the franchise [quarterback]. We had to find out,” Arians said.

“It will be a while,” Arians said. “I would think in a few weeks we will have a decision on which way we want to head. Will we let it out? Probably not. Because you lose your leverage on that one too. So it’s ‘stay tuned.'”

I think Arians wants Winston back. He just doesn’t want to give Winston a long term deal for big dollars. He said one important word in his presser. LEVERAGE. Why hype up Winston and act like you need him. That means the price goes up. Bruce Arians came out of retirement for Jameis Winston and has known him for a long time. I think he wants to give this one more year.

The Jameis Winston debate is a polarizing one. He’s the first quarterback ever to hit the 30 – 30 club. One of those things is very good and one of those things is very bad. That’s Jameis Winston. The highs are real high and the lows are real thing. The funny thing is Bruce Arians probably brought out the extremes for Jameis Winston given the nature of his risk it or biscut offense.

Jameis Winston did become just the 8th quarterback in NFL history to throw for 5,000 yards. There are postives with Winston. He just needs to stop turning the ball over so much. IF he can do that, watch out. If not, the Bucs will look elsewhere. 2020 will be the year that decides it. Tampa will most likely franchise him.