Brian Cashman
(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

I owe Brian Cashman a big apology. In late June and for all of July, I was screaming for the Yankees to sell at the deadline on Empire’s Finest. Trey Daubert and Adam Krieger were relishing in my sorrows as a Yankee fan. However, the baseball world has corrected itself, and things are perfectly balanced as they should be. I owe all of that to Cashman. The acquisitions of Joey Gallo and Anthony Rizzo have completely turned the team around.

Brian Cashman Went God Mode

Before the deadline, the New York Yankees were an absolute laughing stock. The team lost game after game, all in gut-wrenching fashion. There was the Angels game when Aroldis Chapman imploded in the ninth inning, which happened too often during this stretch. Then on multiple occasions versus the Red Sox where the bullpen imploded, leaving Yankee fans in complete disarray as the team was falling apart. I was demanding the team sell at the deadline, proclaiming they were nowhere near good enough. However, Emperor Cashman saved the Empire.

With the Yankees ten and a half games behind the Red Sox for first place and four back for the wildcard, the GM needed to remind the world just who the hell he was and who the hell the Yankees were. Cashman acquired Gallo then Rizzo, and both made immediate impacts. The Italian Stallions balanced out a right-handed heavy lineup with power and situational hitting, which the Yankees were severely lacking.

The Young Guns Are Performing

Not only were the trades significant, but the AAA guys the team brought up have been outstanding. Luis Gil looks like a future CY Young award winner, and Andrew Velasquez is having a fairy tale run with the Yankees. As of today, The Yankees currently hold the top wild-card spot and sit only four games back of the division lead. Nevertheless, Cashman made this all possible, and I’m sorry I ever doubted the man.

The Yankees will make the playoffs, and the Italian Stallions will be the key reason they shock the world this October. Cashman worked incredible magic with what he has done with this team. Give the man his flowers because he’s still one of the best GMs in the MLB. Let’s go, Yankees!