Joey Gallo
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Joey Gallo, Welcome To The Bronx

A bombshell was dropped last night when it was reported that Rangers star Joey Gallo was headed to the New York Yankees. Brian Cashman squashed the questions as to whether the Bronx Bombers were buying or selling at the deadline. Despite being 3 games back of the second Wild Card spot, they still might invest further. Reports surfaced shortly after the Gallo trade about the Yankees’ interest in Rockies infielder Trevor Story despite giving up 4 prospects to the Rangers. However, we aren’t here to talk about Story (yet?). Let’s focus on Gallo.

The lifelong Yankees fan is making a surprise move to his childhood team. He’s had another great year with 25 home runs and seems destined to thrive at Yankee Stadium’s short porch in right field. The Yanks did need some help after an underwhelming 2021 season, to say the least. However, is Joey Gallo really the answer? Other power bats like Giancarlo Stanton and Luke Voit have struggled immensely for stretches, so adding another boom or bust hitter like Gallo does not exactly scream success.


Let’s start with the pros of the trade. Adding Gallo to a fully healthy Yankees’ lineup still makes them extremely dangerous. Judge, LeMahieu, Sanchez, Stanton, and now Gallo can punish opposing pitchers on a nightly basis. Gallo’s 25 homers in 2021 are more than every lefty batter combined for the Yankees (22) in more than double the plate appearances (719). He will certainly do great at Yankee Stadium and other AL East venues. Gallo also plays great defense, with a Gold Glove in 2020 to show for his efforts. He is another marketable star in New York City. Cashman did not fork over any of the team’s top prospects, going for quantity instead of quality. Furthermore, the Yankees will have team control of Gallo through next year, and he would more than likely want to re-sign in the Bronx. Unfortunately, that is where the pros pretty much end.


What the Yankees really need is honestly another DJ LeMahieu. A steady hitter who does not rely solely on power for many at-bats. This trade will also more than likely banish Stanton to the DH spot, as we’ve seen the former MVP’s athleticism dwindle before our very eyes. Gallo is a standout defender, but it was more pitching help that would have benefitted the Yankees the most. As well, even if the Yankees can make a push into the postseason, we have not seen Gallo even play into October. He was only in his first few seasons as a pro when the Rangers lost in the ALDS in 2015 and 2016.

While all baseball fans love home runs, they don’t always love strikeouts. Gallo will do a lot of both. If he goes cold during his first few weeks in the Bronx, this trade could look more and more like a disaster. Even if he would want to stay, Cashman is primed to be on a payroll tightrope after 2021. Stanton’s huge deal looks more and more like an albatross, while Aaron Judge will be looking for a payday in the near future. Gallo would likely command a contract similar to Stanton’s.

In Conclusion…

Fingers crossed, this trade works well for the Yankees. We know they love big names and big hitters, and Joey Gallo fits in nicely to both categories. It is also a nice story for the guy who grew up idolizing Derek Jeter to end up playing at Yankee Stadium in his prime.

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