Big Cat
Barstool is a comedy site, not a political site. Except that is no longer the case. Big Cat is upset that Dave Portnoy interviewed President Trump with consulting him.

Barstool is a comedy site, not a political site. That used to be the case anyway. Big Cat is arguably the most notable personality at Barstool who has helped to grow the company into what it is. A multi million media conglomerate. For the first time ever, it feels like there’s a chance Big Cat will leave the company. Saying that he is unhappy feels like an understatement.

Here’s the story.

Dave Portnoy AKA El Pres recently interviewed President Donald Trump. Big Cat called it for what it was. A softball interview with zero hard hitting questions. Big Cat went on radio today and addressed the situation because he had to. Barstool is no longer a commedy site. They do politics too.

There are a lot of takeaways with what Big Cat had to say. Let’s break them down piece by piece.

Big Cat is 100 percent right about one thing. Portnoy and the Barstool brand was used. It was a puff piece to make Trump look good while he’s down in the polls and a few months out from the election. Those are Big Cat’s words.

Barstool has prioritized comedy. Dan Katz (Big Cat) reveals he turned down a chance to interview Joe Biden because they don’t do politics. PMT is the biggest podcast in the world. If he’s turning down an interview with Biden, Portnoy should have at minimum consulted Big Cat about the chance to interview Trump.

That’s really the main point here. How do you not ask Big Cat’s opinion on this and let him find out when everybody else does? This is a guy that has been by your side from the beginning. Let’s be honest about this Portnoy has always had a big ego (which is fine) but since the Penn deal, he’s not a real person. He’s like a cartoon character at this point that has flown off the handle.

Lastly, if you’re reading this Big Cat, and actually are tempted to leave Barstool (you should feel disrespected) Vendetta is the home for you. We already know PFT is not happy with the recent drama that made Trill Withers resign. We’re the up and coming brand. I know you’re a Bears fan but you wouldn’t have gotten your heart broken by Trubisky because I would have told you he stunk the second he got drafted. Join our team. I give all writers the freedom to be funny and create the best content possible.