KFC Barstool
KFC Barstool weighing in on the Trump Interview (@barstoolradio on twitter)

When Dave Portnoy interviewed President Trump it was shocking. Big Cat was one of the Barstool employees who were not happy with the interview. KFC Barstool has also weighed in on the recent interview, he said the following in a twitter video.

I don’t really feel like I have to and I definitely don’t want to speak on it and get involved in it because it’s a fucking mess man. I want to go back to like when i used to enjoy doing this. It got to a point where you know talking about things that are so heavy that I don’t really know how to speak on and I’m pissing these people off and I’m not doing these people justice and it’s just like, I, you know it’s kinda Charles Barkleyesque. like I’m not a role model man, never wanted to be one never acted like I was gonna be one, don’t wanna be one don’t wanna talk about it. Don’t feel like I should have to talk about it.

KFC spent over 9 minutes discussing how Barstool has changed and how he wants to do his thing. He doesn’t want to be a role model and how he doesn’t care that some people think there’s a responsibility to talk about events like the Trump Interview:

On the flip side if…Rocket goes and does a video that I think is funny or good or I disagree with and I do want to talk about it or have an argument or a dialoge I probably will do that. It’s like in my mind it’s almost like a stand up act everytime you do a show. I wanna talk about this, I wanna joke about this, I don’t wanna talk about that and I don’t really feel like I have to anymore. I feel like I got to a point where I felt like I owed it to certain people or certain fans and I just don’t, I don’t think I do and it’s not fun this way. I don’t think it’s entertaining for the fans. I’m sure some people think that there is like a responsibility and I just don’t care. I don’t want to do that I don’t feel responsible.

It’s also apparent that KFC Barstool is done sticking his neck out to defend Barstool as a company and Dave:

Do I believe that Dave is like some right wing political aficionado? No, but when you know you’ve had the run of decisions he’s had the past like month it’s hard to defend. So I’m like ‘well I’m not gonna do that either’ I don’t wanna talk about all this but I’m also no longer going to go out on a limb and stick my neck out to defend the company or defend Dave. I think we’re at a point I think it’s big enough and it’s been long enough where we can all just say ‘It’s not like a tiny little shop anymore of a tight knit like family’ It’s not that. It’s not a big like friends and family happy bunch. It’s just everybody’s doing their own thing and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

He also said that he doesn’t expect anyone to ask his permission to do something at Barstool, regardless of who it is but he would like a heads-up:

I don’t expect anybody to ask me permission, whether it’s Dave or anybody else at Barstool… I would maybe like a heads-up in this situation.

This interview with Donald Trump has sent some shockwaves throughout Barstool. Don’t be surprised when more people start coming out and saying what they feel about it.