Best Rappers Right Now

Best Rappers Right Now – From a Mid Twentys White Dude

From the top let’s just get the over with right off the get-go. I know music is super subjective so this is going to get me plenty of hate. If you want to find me you can come argue with me on Twitter. Anyway, this is my list of the best rappers right now. Side note: this list is cliche as shit but who cares and I’ll back it up so like I said come fight me on socials.


There was no way this man was not going to be on my list, so I might as well explain why right away. Drake went from being a meme when I was in high school for what would be compared to what is now called “Sad Boy Season.” The dude went from being a joke to the far and away most successful rappers in the world.

He went through “rap wars” against Meek Mill and others, but at the end of the day, Drake’s music still goes hard 10/10 times.

Post Malone

He hasn’t released an album in a long time, but Beerbongs and Bentleys is my favorite record of all time front to back so I am patiently waiting. He, like Drake, finds ways to elevate other people and bring in other talented individuals to make good music.

Lil Baby

There was a point in time where I was getting Lil Baby confused with DaBaby but not anymore. While the names are confusing, Lil Baby has elevated himself in the music industry and is on his way to superstardom.


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