Mike Williams
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Will Mike Williams Be A Reliable Fantasy Option In 2021?

Every season, Mike Williams is labeled a fantasy sleeper or potential breakout candidate and then proceeds to have another ordinary year. This is not due to a lack of talent on Williams’ part but instead a lack of consistency. Williams is unpredictable and he has a tendency to follow up a five-catch, 100-yard week with a one-catch, 20-yard performance. This performance is not the result of a bad team either, as the Chargers are Super Bowl contenders in 2021.

In fact, I think his past lack of consistency has been because of the team he has around him. Keenan Allen is a stud and the clear WR1 on the Chargers while Austin Ekeler also takes up catching volume as an elite pass-catching back. The team also had Hunter Henry, though he signed with the Patriots this offseason. Nevertheless, it was evident that Williams was the fourth option, so his past consistency is somewhat understandable. That still leaves the biggest question, however: Will Williams remain inconsistent in 2021?

Williams Is A Mediocre Fantasy Option With Low Upside

Unfortunately, the answer is likely yes. Williams will still have Justin Herbert at QB, who will surely improve even after winning ROTY in 2020. Hunter Henry’s departure should also help Williams jump to the third option, but that is as far as he will get. Frankly, it is unlikely that he overtakes either Allen or Ekeler (barring unforeseen circumstances).

So does it hurt to take Williams as a late-round pick in your fantasy draft? Probably not, but know his upside is limited to being the third option behind two elite players. But the offense, led by Justin Herbert, is still high-powered, so adding him for bench-depth cannot hurt. Just know he will not be producing consistently each and every week, so you should explore your options before picking him in your draft. However, if one of Keenan Allen or Austin Ekeler goes down with an injury, Mike Williams should be the first player you pick up off of the waiver wire.

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