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Khalil Mack

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Can We Stop Pretending The Bears Stole Khalil Mack?

Khalil Mack
There’s no denying that Khalil Mack is one of the best players in the NFL but the Bears paid a dear price for him (Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Twitter fanboys are the worst. They sure think they know everything. The latest fad in the NFL is hammering the Raiders for trading Khalil Mack. I haven’t heard one person say that the Raiders were smart to trade Mack. Everyone seems to have the same opinion. People think the Bears somehow stole Mack from the Raiders. Meanwhile, the truth falls somewhere in the middle. Can we stop pretending that the Bears easily won the Khalil Mack trade because that is very far from being determined at the moment?

How Come No One Critiques The Patriots?

The Patriots have been making bad personnel decisions for years but they are so well coached that it doesn’t matter. New England couldn’t rush the passer last year to save their life. Meanwhile, Chandler Jones notched 17 sacks for the Cardinals last year. How come no one comes at the Patriots for trading away a player as good as Chandler Jones for a measly second round pick. By the way, that second-round pick turned into Jonathan Cooper and Cyrus Jones. Neither of which are on the roster. Can you even name anyone productive from the Patriots last 5 draft classes? How come there’s never a peep about the Patriots getting robbed on the Jimmy Garoppolo trade? New England got swindled and no one talks about it. You can say whatever you want about the decision to trade Khalil Mack but you do realize that Bill Belichick probably would have traded him too. Belichick’s trade record also shows that he sure as hell wouldn’t have gotten two first round picks for him either.

Chicago Stinks!

It’s no secret that the NFC is loaded. It’s also no secret that the Bears are literally the team in the conference that doesn’t have a franchise quarterback! Oh, I’m not kidding either. We have the group of superstars like Rodgers, Wentz, Brees, Garoppolo, and Wilson. Then we have the group of franchise quarterbacks in the NFC like Cousins, Cam, Ryan, Stafford, and Dak. Then we have a group of placeholders that can at least get the job done like Smith, Winston, and Goff. If you add in that Arizona has their guy with Josh Rosen, you’re left with the Bears and Giants. Eli Manning is bad but he’s better than Mitch Trubisky. You have the worst quarterback in the conference Bears fans!

It’s hard to win football games when you have one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL. I don’t care how good their defense may or may not be. This isn’t a Trent Dilfer Ravens supporting cast of a defense. This is a Bears defense that was okay and added one great player. Tell me again why the Bears were the sexy sleeper pick?

The Bears aren’t going to be a good football team this year. When you factor in that those first-round picks could be in the top 5 conversation, that creates a pathway to the Raiders winning this trade. I think the Raiders are also showing that they might be a bottom 5 team as well. Being a bottom 5 team and rebuilding isn’t the worst thing in the world. Give me that scenario every day of the week over being the Bengals for the past 15 years. What happens if the Raiders wind up with Nick Bosa and Ed Oliver? Maybe it’s Greedy Williams and Rashan Gary? Who knows, it’s tough to project. Oakland could land two Pro Bowlers if they draft well in what appears to be a really appealing draft class coming up.

2019 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 2

Then there’s another scenario where the Bears give away another top 5 pick the following year in 2020? Isn’t it possible that the Raiders move off of Derek Carr by then? This is a guy who averages 6.6 yards per pass over the course of his career. That’s ammo to go get a franchise quarterback if that time comes. Maybe Jake Fromm continues to develop. Maybe Tua Tagovailoa becomes the new face of the Raiders franchise.

Think about it. If you’re Chicago, how do you give away two first round picks when you have the worst quarterback in the conference? It’s one thing to make a mistake, it’s another thing to not admit when you’re wrong and that’s what the Bears are doing with this Trubisky experiment. The other problem is, Chicago didn’t just trade away two first round picks for Chicago, you’re also trading for the contract. Mack is the highest paid defender in NFL history after inking a 6-year, $141 million deal. I’m not sure I understand how that’s worth it for a team that’s not ready to win. Plus, wouldn’t you rather just go sign someone in free agency without giving up picks? Jadeveon Clowney looks like he’s going to be available. Anthony Barr, KJ Wright, Grady Jarrett, Demarcus Lawrence, Frank Clark, Ezekiel Ansah, Brandon Graham are all names scheduled to hit free agency. Why not sign one of them without giving up picks to do so?

Why Mitchell Trubisky Is Destined To Fail In The NFL

Again, I get trading for Mack if you have a quarterback in place. I get if you’re the Rams and you feel like Mack could be the piece that clinches a title. But this is Chicago… a team that has no shot to make the playoffs with or without Mack. A team that doesn’t have a franchise quarterback. Give all the praise you want to the Bears for making this deal but you will likely feel differently depending on how high the Bears draft pick comes in at a year from now. Don’t you think there’s a chance that Jon Gruden was smart enough to target the Bears as the team to trade with for those exact reasons?


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