Baltimore Ravens
(Kelvin Kuo/Associated Press)

I never thought I’d sit here and say Joe Flacco got snubbed for anything, but he definitely did this weekend. The Baltimore Ravens released their All-Time Team as voted on by the fans, and the results were pretty accurate for the most part. All the usual suspects are on there: Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Todd Heap, Justin Tucker, and Terrell Suggs all obviously made it. The major problem with the voting came at the most important position on the field.

The fans voted Lamar Jackson over Joe Flacco for the quarterback spot.

If this was a question of who was better right now, there’s no doubt Jackson should be in over Flacco. But this is the Ravens All-Time Team. How did the fans put a two-year player in over a quarterback who played ten seasons in Baltimore, won ten playoff games, and a Super Bowl?

I get it, Ravens fans. You guys are excited for your new quarterback who just won a unanimous MVP award while setting the single-season QB rushing record. He’s going to be the cover athlete for Madden 21. There’s little doubt Lamar Jackson will eventually eclipse Joe Flacco as far as career production is concerned. But you can’t vote for an All-Time team based on potential. You just can’t. Maybe there’s a lot of bandwagon fans that heavily influenced the voting, but based on some of the other guys that rightfully made it in, it’s hard to believe that’s the case.

Sure, Joe Flacco has pretty much fallen off. But don’t forget that in the playoff run to a Super Bowl XLVII title, he threw for over 1100 yards (the third-most ever in a playoff run) and averaged almost 11 yards per pass attempt. That Super Bowl victory, Super Bowl MVP, and the ten years he gave to the franchise should elevate him above Lamar Jackson’s two seasons. Flacco brought the Baltimore Ravens to the playoffs six times. Lamar Jackson has played in one playoff game that the Ravens lost.

What Joe Flacco has done for the Ravens franchise is set in stone. Many are projecting that Jackson will lead Baltimore to many playoff appearances and maybe even a title or two. But he hasn’t done it yet. It’s been two seasons, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Don’t just assume Jackson can carve out a sustainably productive career. No other running quarterback has done that since the dawn of time. Jackson seems to be on his way, but make him earn the All-Time Team.

And while you’re at it, put some respect on Joe Flacco’s name.