Anthony Davis
Are we sure it’s a good idea to sell the farm for Anthony Davis. Don’t be so sure (Derick E. Hingle/USA TODAY Sports)

Anthony Davis is stealing the headlines in the NBA. Where is he going? Will the Pelicans trade him at all? Are the Lakers the favorites? Are the Celtics the favorites? Will Davis drive the bus and refuse to sign with a specific team? While teams are lining up to trade for Davis, are we sure selling the farm for Davis is a good idea?

The team that gets the best player in the trade won the deal. That’s the golden rule in the NBA. However, you better be careful who you max and who you don’t. Are we sure that building around Anthony Davis guarantees a championship? Isn’t that what this league is all about? Davis has made the playoffs twice in 7 years (they won’t make the playoffs this year). Davis has made the second round of the playoffs just once. If Davis was that impactful, wouldn’t his team win a hell of a lot more?

We can all pretend like Anthony Davis is this perfect player but that isn’t the case. He’s always hurt. ALWAYS. He’s played less than 70 games in four seasons. Probably will turn into five if the Pelicans send him home. Davis can hit a 3 but not a reliable one. .312 career 3-point percentage isn’t cutting it. Name the last dominant center to win a title? You know what centers have won titles recently? ZaZa Pachulia, JaVale McGee, and Andrew Bogut. Centers don’t matter in this league. Or at least don’t matter as nearly as much.

Guards and wings win. Centers do not. Why would I sell the farm for a center that never wins? A LeBron James and Anthony Davis duo isn’t enough to win a title. Neither is a Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis duo. Why are teams freaking out over the Brow? I’m not too sure. Can you win a championship with Anthony Davis? I’m not sure anyone knows the answer to that. Here’s what I do know. I wouldn’t trade Jayson Tatum for Davis in a one for one deal. Forget about Tatum plus more. No chance. Giving away everything for Anthony Davis doesn’t allow you to put the necessary pieces around to win a title.