Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown claims that he’s done playing football in the NFL. (David Santiago/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

Have we seen the last of Antonio Brown in the NFL? Well, if you ask him, that appears to be the case. AB’s latest stint only lasted 11 days in New England. Brown lost several million bucks if you include the contracts that were voided with the Raiders and Patriots. Now Brown is angry and claims he’s done with the NFL.

We all had to see this coming. The guy is a lunatic. He lost his mind. He sounded like a guy that had no interest playing football anymore. When you start bitching about helmets and then acting like you’re not the problem, it sounds like a guy who just wants money but doesn’t want to play anymore. Brown followed the Ryan Leaf model. Act like a maniac and just cause chaos. Nobody would know that model better than Leaf who called this.

Let’s just get prepared for this now. Antonio Brown is heading to the XFL with Andrew Luck. They will pay him a boatload of money and love when he acts like a total scumbag. They won’t care about the sexual assault allegations as long as he isn’t in jail either. Andrew Luck is going to be throwing him dimes. Luck’s dad, Oliver, is the CEO of the XFL.

If Brown is in fact done with the NFL, he will finish his career with 841 receptions, 11,263 receiving yards, and 75 touchdown receptions. Brown was likely on pace for a Hall of Fame career. Given the recent crash, I doubt he ever plays again. He won’t be voted in the Hall either. It’s a shame how he ruined his legacy within a matter of months. We will see what happens with Brown’s sexual assault investigation. If found guilty, he was probably done playing football anyway. This may be a classic, “no you’re not firing me, I quit” situation.